A year to remember; thank you

My first year on The Gannon Knight editorial board was unlike anything I could’ve expected.

I never would’ve expected when we put together our first issue in August that over the course of the school year I’d have to opportunity to cover unique events around campus, grow as a writer and better develop my skills, and of course, move solely online in March.

Coming into the position I’m in, I had reservations at first.

I knew the job was going to have its difficult days, and I knew that it was going to take up a significant portion of my time.

But I also knew that I was going to be surrounded by seasoned pros who were as passionate as me when it came to putting together a student-produced paper that we could all take pride in.

I also knew things would be easier with the leadership and guidance of Frank Garland, our adviser.

For those who don’t know him, Frank is a lifelong journalist who knows more about the topic than I think any single person knows about any subject.

His objectivity, unique perspective and steady hand made writing at times two articles per week, plus a column, completely worth it.

Hearing from faculty and students alike how much they enjoyed our paper gave me the energy and drive to ensure the news section, as well as the entire newspaper, was as thoroughly put together as possible; and for the most part, I think we as an editorial team accomplished that.

I also believe our greatest challenge was also our greatest accomplishment.

In mid-March, when news hit that courses would be taught remotely for the remainder of the semester and that students would be returning home, we struggled greatly over how to best proceed.

Opinions were split, but we eventually came to the conclusion that the Gannon community deserved to have its student-produced newspaper continue its purpose of providing the community with news and information regarding the latest developments occurring.

Since that shocking transition, our editorial team has smoothly kept pace by providing fresh content and has maintained an extraordinary level of calm and professionalism. It has made my continued writing for the paper very enjoyable.

Now with the semester drawing to a close, and a school year, albeit an infamous one, fading into the rearview mirror, I wanted to thank all our readers for their support and viewership. Without them, producing a paper just wouldn’t be worth it.

I also want to thank Gannon University for giving us an outlet as students to not only be the voice of news surrounding the Gannon community, but also giving us regular students a platform to voice our thoughts and opinions on contemporary events, and to express the feelings we share about student life.

Lastly, I want to thank my fellow editors and overall newspaper staff; without you guys, there would be no means to produce the paper, and your dedication and passion has made this year one I will remember for a long time.

For anyone who may read this, please stay healthy, stay active, and most importantly, stay strong. We’ll get through this together.

Soon enough the fall will come around, and we’ll be back on campus with hot-off-the-presses papers to read from your favorite school newspaper staff.


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