Farewell to Gannon sports

Well folks, the end is here. The coronavirus has struck the world and NCAA canceled every sporting event.
As a fan, I am upset and it’s disappointing we will be unable cheer on the Gannon University women’s basketball team when it was going to compete in the NCAA Division II Atlantic Regional.
The regional, by the way, was going to be played at the Hammermill Center, our backyard.
We would have been able to witness all these great matches on our campus. And give the Knights the home court advantage they deserve.
This whole virus shutdown is a mess.
Yet, the cancellation of all sporting events is a smart decision by the NCAA.
This will help the overall effort of stopping the spread of the virus.
The health and safety of everyone is the final goal, and we need to keep that in mind.
However, we can still complain about not being able to watch sports and cheer on our teams.
In the end, with these troubling times, we need to come together.
And if being mad we have no sports brings us together, then let us be mad we have no sports.
By the way, Tom Brady is no longer a Patriot!
Everyone needs to know the dynasty is over and the NFL is going to be awesome!
Be hopeful, readers, the end has not come, and that we will gather together and be stronger than ever.
And hey, cheer on the Gannon Knights next semester when they all come back.
Anyways, folks, have a good rest of your semester, wash your hands and most importantly as always,

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