Reminder to stay safe during troubling time

As the coronavirus continues to spread and cause panic throughout the world, Gannon University has decided that students and faculty would exit the campus for the rest of the semester.
Only the residence halls, the Waldron Campus Center, the Recreation and Wellness Center, the Health Center, Nash Library, Palumbo and CBI will remain open.
Understand that this is an evolving situation and Gannon will continue to adjust operations as events unfold.
It is important to remain calm and keep a clear mind during these troubling times.
Although these are unfortunate events, this could potentially be a great learning opportunity for all of those involved.
Faculty members who have been using a certain approach might have to adjust their teaching methods to accommodate the new reality, and students will need to adjust their learning methods.
This might not be a bad thing. For example, students who have struggled to show up to their classes now have an opportunity to improve their situation due to the change in the delivery of course work.
As unfair as it all seems, it is important to be flexible during these hard times.
Life often throws curveballs at us, and it is key to learn how to handle them and how they will affect you long term.
The sooner you realize that, the more manageable this will become.
Continue to visit for the latest developments and decisions. As for The Knight, this is our final print edition of the year, but we will continue to create content and post it to our website, If you have story suggestions, please send them our way.