When is ‘I love me’ enough?

Self-love. There is absolutely nothing wrong with putting yourself first and doing what you need to do to make yourself happy.
If there is anyone I have learned this from, it is Demi Lovato. From Disney Channel to family issues and life-threatening accidents, Lovato has risen from it all and shown her fans how she has overcome.
In 2018, she was hospitalized after a drug overdose, which later sent her to rehab. Around that time, Lovato released her single “Sober” to shine light on the ongoing issue she was facing.
In the song, she apologizes to her family, friends, future love and fans for all the trouble she has caused them.
From then, she took a break from the spot- light to focus solely on getting better for not only the people in her life, but for herself.
In January 2020, she returned to the spotlight with her comeback song, “Anyone,” at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards. A month later, Lovato performed “The Star-Spangled Banner” at Super Bowl LIV.
On Friday afternoon, Lovato released her new single, “I Love Me,” as well as the music video for the song. This song is an announcement to the world that she is back and better than ever. Fans have even noticed various Easter eggs in the video pertaining to events in her life.
In the beginning, she is fighting herself while another version is in the corner judging them. This symbolized the ongoing inner battles she has faced over the years.
While on Disney Channel, Lovato was famous for her role as Mitchie in “Camp Rock,” as well as her relationship to the Jonas Brothers. There are two scenes highlighting the time she shared with them before their falling out.
Toward the end, there is a shot of someone getting wheeled into a ambulance. While walking by, Lovato acknowledges the person. It was clear to fans that this was her tribute to her overdose that changed her life.
Lovato spent an entire music video showing the world all of her faults, and to me that is truly inspirational. For a woman to spend a crazy amount of money to show the world that she is not perfect is truly brave. She is someone who has been pushed down by the media for years and has only focused on herself and self-love.
I wish there were better words to put into how badly I needed this song. Self-love is something I personally do not practice as much as I do preach.
With college, family and the future weighing me down constantly, I often find myself crumbling to pieces waiting for someone else to put me back together.
The one line that truly stuck out to me in this whole song is, “I’m a black belt when I’m beating up on myself, but I’m an expert at giving love to somebody else.”
Why is this so true? When will I start giving myself the love I deserve? I wish I could answer this now, but unfortunately I cannot. Maybe one day, but the future is unwritten.

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