XFL is back

The XFL is back and oh it’s good. Dear readers, if you remember, last issue I was very excited.
You know I had high, very high hopes. And boy oh boy were my hopes exceeded.
The camerawork and player interviews alone gave us just truly an amazing product.
The XFL at a production standpoint is revolutionary for football and especially — I repeat especially — sports in general.
XFL is utilizing football to its full entertainment potential yet still being true to the heart and integrity of the sport (which a certain league should take notes). The XFL is mic-ing up both the coaching staffs and players as well as mic-ing the referees.
The last one I truly believe is the best decision the league has made because we get to understand what actually goes on behind a normally closed door, letting us trust these officials.
However, as everything in life is there are two sides of the coin and on the negative side, we have lost the suspense and anger.
We lost praying an “obvious” call is overturned because that receiver was clearly out of bounds and these officials are blind.
Yet, out of nowhere after all the yelling and tears the call remains because there is not enough “evidence,” leaving us enraged at the TV because we obviously know better than these “morons.”
Yes, we lost the one thing that brought fans of both teams together: the hatred of officials. Because now we can see into the replay booth and witness an actual person utilizing every camera angle to get the correct call.
Yes, indeed it is the dawn of a new era in football.
A new league that might cause less stress and less broken TVs.
Yet honestly jeering referees has always been a staple in football; however, being able to understand the work that goes into it honestly, I am all for it.
Now enough ranting about the officials.
Here is what I know everyone wants to know… How did the DC Defenders do? Oh, folks did they come to play – oh, they came to play. The DC Defenders, America’s XFL team, dominated the Seattle Dragons. Cardale Jones, Mr. “I ain’t come here to play school,” oh did he play elite football, winning the game 31-19. The Defenders’ dominant defense came to play folks. I know you were just on the edge of your seat wondering what they did. And did they play, accomplishing two defensive touchdowns — a pick-six and the very rare blocked punt. The DC Defenders, if you allow it, are truly great defenders. Yessir we have a new league and a new team to root for.
Folks I hope you will tune in this week as my team, pardon me, “America’s team,” plays the New York Guardians in a battle of the ages. Well folks have a good week and as always GO KNIGHTS!

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