Finding new meaning in love

Love. The four-letter word that can make or break most relationships. A word that is so small, yet has so much meaning. Why is that? Why does a four-letter word bring so much pressure?
According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, love is an “affection based on admiration, benevolence, or common interests.”
I have always thought that love was a word reserved for people, whether it was family members, close friends or significant others.
In some cases, I have said I love activities, but I thought this love was different from the one I reserved for those people.
Recently, a friend of mine gave a speech on what love means to her, and I have been inspired to do the same.
Love to me is midnight drives to Sheetz with my best friends.
Oftentimes, we don’t need nor can afford a car ride to get a bunch of snacks, but sometimes these moments are needed. After a long week full of meetings, papers, tests and labs, it’s important for us to have a few hours of stupidity and fun.
Love to me is long nights with my sorority sisters.
With recruitment season finally over, I honestly miss seeing them as often as I did. We spent three full days together trying to recruit for our chapter. As stressful as that was it was so much fun having time to be with everyone and catch up after being gone for a month due to winter break.
Love to me is getting to go to school to learn more about my passion.
As mentioned in so many columns before, I love writing. Ever since I was little, I enjoyed getting to write anything my crazy mind can put into words. From poems to music to features to columns, there is nothing I love more. Getting to go to a great school to pursue this passion of mine is truly a blessing.
Love to me is the small gestures that mean the most.
Whether is be a shoulder to cry on, help with an assignment or letting me borrow an outfit to go out, it’s these small things my friends do for me that mean the absolute most.
Love to me is a laugh at a joke I didn’t even mean to be that funny.
I am not the funniest person, and I am not afraid to tell you that. There have been moments where I think I’m an absolute comedian and act a little full of myself though. However, I do appreciate the friends who laugh out loud and make me feel great about my sense of humor.
Love to me is people who let me be myself unapologetically.
I am a crazy, bubbly type of gal who often speaks her mind. In some cases, this can get me in a deep pool of trouble. However, it is amazing to have friends who let me be myself. Thankfully they do level me out when the time comes. Sometimes I am a lot, but they love me for me.
I encourage you all to take the time and reflect on what love is to you. You never know what you may find.

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