Setting out goals for the new decade

At the end of 2019, I knew I wanted to make a list of goals for myself in the upcoming decade and truly stick to them. Last year, I learned a lot about myself as an individual.
In 2020, I want to continue this growth and self-love path I have started for myself. I know it will be hard, but I am determined to better my life.
The first thing I would like to do is try to be more organized. Although I consider myself to be pretty organized already, I want to try to be a little more.
I can start doing this by making sure my room is cleaned daily. I have heard that if your bed is made, your room already looks halfway clean.
Another way I could keep my room clean is putting things away rather than throwing them on the floor, which I am entirely guilty of.
Although I don’t like to admit it, I am not organized with schoolwork. I am the worst at procrastination and I really need to get a hold on that as I soon enter my final year of college.
Another thing I would like to work on is writing more. Whether this be journaling or writing music or poems, I want to try and write something new every other day.
Keeping the creative juices flowing is important to me on my journey as a communications person.
This past year, I realized I spent a lot of time alone in my room. Although there is nothing wrong with alone time, sometimes you accidentally neglect the people you who want to be there for you.
I would like to take this opportunity to spend more time with the people I love. Whether that be a meal with my roommates, movie night with my sorority sisters or a study date with a friend, I want to take advantage of the time I have with them.
With this being my third year of college, I tend to cry a lot about how someday we will all be in separate places.
My best friend, for example, is considering going to Colorado or New York City next year for graduate school. The thought of this hurts me, but I can’t wait to make many new memories with her this semester.
A real personal thing I would like to work on is standing up for myself. All my life I have been the kind of person to back down when things get tough. At the end of the day, I regret letting people walk all over me and telling me who I should be.
I can’t say this will happen overnight, but it is important that I realize this and slowly start to take the steps I need to to better myself.
My main New Year’s resolution for this year is to stop throwing peace signs in awkward situations. If you are someone who does this too, you understand how dire this situation is.
Something about this makes me cringe and I would prefer to do less of that this year. Next time someone says do something silly for a photo, I hope I don’t throw another ridiculous peace sign.
With the new year here I would like to be a new version of myself. As cliche as “new you, new me” sounds, it is true in this case for me.
There is nothing wrong with wanting to become a newer, better version of yourself.

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