Disney releases heartwarming new Christmas movie

Over the years, Disney has released a number of Christmas movies.
One of the most iconic Disney Christmas movies to be released was “The Santa Clause” film series.
The films follow Scott Calvin, portrayed by Tim Allen, a successful toy salesman whose life turns upside down when he magically becomes the next Santa Claus.
Throughout the film, Calvin is persistent about not wanting the job, until he realizes it is his true calling.
In all three films, Calvin is faced with a new situation, but the same consequence: you must save Christmas or else.
Following the release of “The Santa Clause” film series, Disney released several other Christmas movies like “Mickey’s Christmas Carol” and “A Nightmare Before Christmas.”
On Nov. 12, Disney not only released its new streaming site, Disney Plus, but it also released a new Christmas movie, “Noelle,” to ring in the holiday season.
Spoiled, naive Noelle Kringle (Anna Kendrick), Santa Claus’ daughter, does not hide her love for the Christmas spirit, especially when she is making her “famous” Christmas cards for her friends and family.
However, it is her older brother, Nick (Bill Hader), who needs to start showing his appreciation for the holiday.
From a young age, Nick has completed Santa training to take over for his father one day, and continue the Santa Claus legacy.
Years later, Santa Claus has passed and it is time for Nick to take the reins and wear the red hat, much to his dismay.
Due to her upbeat Christmas spirit, their mother insists that Noelle help her brother prepare for his first Christmas as Santa.
With the pressure too much to handle, Noelle suggests Nick take a weekend off to clear his mind.
After the reindeer return a week later without him, it is up to Noelle to find her brother.
Along the way, Noelle meets people from different paths of life that show her the true meaning of Christmas is more than just opening presents.
Similar to “The Santa Clause,” there is a big problem and of course, Christmas must be saved.
Although this idea is a classic, it is starting to get tiring and unfortunately “Noelle” followed in that path.
It’s understandable that Christmas movies should focus solely on Christmas, but why does Christmas itself always have to be in trouble?
However, that is not the main issue that occurred during this film. At the beginning of the film, Noelle is a sweet child who wants to spread Christmas love and joy to everyone around her.
When she asks her father what her path is, he tells her it is making Christmas cards and bringing joy to those around her.
Why can’t she have a job as important as her brother who is going to be Santa Claus?
It was quite upsetting to see her father basically tell her she will never be as important as her brother.
Due to her father giving her this advice, she grows up quite pampered, still needing a nanny to do simple things for her.
When her brother goes missing, she is still seen as a young female who needs a “big, strong man” to rescue the day, a Disney stereotype.
Another stereotype Disney gave her is her animal sidekick who comes to her side when she sings.
As cliche as having an animal sidekick was, her baby reindeer, Snowcone, is an adorable character that made audiences smile.
However, some viewers questioned if he was really a baby reindeer, and not a mix between a lamb and a calf.
Despite the stereotypes, it was a breath of fresh air to see Disney take the ditzy female character and make her the film’s true heroine.
Throughout the film, there are glimpses of Noelle growing up and realzing her true potential, even if she doesn’t want to admit it.
In one scene, Noelle learns that she knows every language, including sign language.
When people start to point out these special things about her, she hides them and turns the focus back on her brother, again pointing to the stereotype that she is not the focus of her own life.
Thankfully in the end, Noelle finally starts to believe in herself, only because everyone else did, but all that matters is she believes.
Kendrick is an actress who can handle any role thrown at her, and her role in “Noelle” proved just that.
She perfectly handled the childish and soon mature sides to her character.
The only unnecessary character that seemed to fill out the plot line was Billy Eichner’s role as Gabe Kringle, Noelle and Nick’s nerdy cousin.
When Nick goes missing, he is appointed the next Santa, and ultimately ruins Christmas.
Overall, “Noelle” was an enjoyable film, and there is high hope that it not only be successful this holiday season, but continue the female empowerment trend in films recently.

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