‘Last Christmas’ defies normal rom-com cliches, impresses


Practically kismet timing, as the snow began to fall in Erie earlier this month, “Last Christmas” was released. One of my friends refused to see the movie because it was advertised before Halloween and it came out before Thanksgiving.
Halloween is my favorite holiday, but this movie has a place in my heart; I may or may not have shed a tear or two. Regardless of timing, this movie is worth watching. Nothing like a heartwarming tale with a twist ending to get you into the holiday spirit.
I have been on a Christmas high since I have seen it and I am trying to think of ways to be a better person and enjoy life more; to look up and find the joy in being and appreciate what I have.
Riddled with strife and personal dilemmas, 26-year-old Kate/Katarina (Emilia Clarke), an aspiring and former singer, works at a year-round Christmas shop owned by an eccentric Asian woman named Santa (Michelle Yeoh).
Kate’s heart problems the previous Christmas changed everyone’s lives around her, but she didn’t adjust well. The film takes place in London, though the family immigrated there from Croatia.
Things start to look up when she meets handsome stranger Tom Webster (Henry Golding).
Recognizable main cast, so much talent and this is the best thing about this movie. Clarke bares her soul as Kate in this movie ,and she portrays her character to perfection.
The producers were clearly trying to ride the wave of classic pop movies that have come out more or less recently, such as “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Rocketman,” “Yesterday” and “Blinded by the Light,” but the film in question didn’t compare in those respects.
As a noteworthy George Michael tribute, it didn’t work, but as a cute random Christmas movie though, it did.
However, this is so much more than your run of the mill rom-com. With reexamining the relationship that drew us in, Tom and Kate, you realize the movie isn’t about that.
It touches on aspects of spirituality and self-love. I applaud the fact that they avoided an age-old rom-com movie trope, that a woman needs a man to complete her.
Instead, this movie explores the different kinds of love and relationships someone can have in their life — that people need in their life.
Ones with acquaintances, friends, family and themselves. There is no dramatic physical makeover; her job and life are not glamorous. In multiple senses it avoided quite a few outdated clichés.
The movie was inspired by multiple George Michael songs, even named after one, and they are scattered throughout the film as scores.
A few were haphazardly placed just to add them in, which does nothing for the movie other than provide background noise.
However, the main song and movie namesake “Last Christmas” follows suit through this classic Christmas ballad, which completely changed my interpretation of the meaning.
It’s not just a sad breakup Christmas song – or at least it doesn’t have to be. I cannot say much more without divulging massive spoilers, so you’ll just have to see the movie yourself.
I loved “Last Christmas” more than I should have, but it is not perfect; the storyline and writing was simple. And while simple isn’t always bad, it hindered the quality of acting seen on-screen.
All in all, I would recommend watching this film if you’re in the mood for a feel-good movie.

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