Scheduling full of difficulties and decisions for students

With scheduling coming up, I have noticed many students are scrambling to decide which classes they should take.
Last week I wrote an article about interesting new classes offered next semester, and since then, I have still been receiving emails about new classes.
For those interested to know, there are classes such as Introduction to Robotics with Mike Panza, Ph.D. (ME 491), Meteorology and Climate Change with Erie News Now meteorologist David Wolter (ENV 489), Internet of Things System Introduction with Ram Sundaram Ph.D. (ECE 499) and Surface Science and Engineering with Davide Piovesan, Ph.D. (BME 492), among others.
Taking interesting classes is a great way to break up your course load, even if it is not something that pertains to your major.
My freshman year I took a ballroom dance class, and learning about something completely outside of my comfort zone was a great experience.
You get to meet a lot of new people and learn some respect for whatever the class topic is.
Even though it is a class, it is still a nice way to get away from the same classes you have to take for your major.
If you are looking to fit in some general elective credits, these classes are a great way to do so.
I have also experienced the not-so-great side of classes and scheduling, though.
Being a transfer student, it is increasingly frustrating when you were told a class would transfer one way, just to be told you still have to take that subject.
For example, I think if I took a biology course and was told it would transfer as my natural science course, I should not be forced to take a different biology course.
I am currently looking at an extra semester at Gannon which would be pushed further back due to lack of communication about my classes if I have to retake certain subjects.
It is a blatant disregard for the time and money I spent to take the first class just because it does not exactly fit the guidelines of one of my majors.
Thankfully, Gannon has taken my situation into consideration and will give me credit for most of my classes.
In addition, balancing what is offered and in which term is complicated.
It is also not fair when the teachers cannot cover all the classes they are expected to teach due to a heavy course load.
Many majors have one or two professors who teach all the classes for that major. As a result, both teachers and students can be overwhelmed easily.
However, because students may have the same teachers, it can be helpful to have a different professor once in a while.
Keep this in mind while selecting classes and try not stress about advising too much because everything will work out in the end.

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