Disney introduces new platform

For some time, Disney has hinted they have been working on their own version of Netflix. On Tuesday morning, Disney released their new streaming service Disney+.
It has been described as the “ultimate streaming destination for not only Disney, but also Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars & National Geographic.”
This includes new releases, classics, exclusive originals and many more to come as the service grows. Disney+ is available to watch on the go or on your TV at home.
When I first got the website up, I was disappointed to see that I still had to wait four hours for the official launch to begin, but with most launches, we must wait for midnight on the West coast. A few hours later, to no surprise, the site was having launch failures.
I quickly jumped online to see if I was the only one experiencing this issue. Thankfully, I was not the only one.
The Hollywood Reporter released an article stating that multiple users took to Twitter to complain about the issue.
“An error icon would appear each time, showing Mickey Mouse and his dog, Pluto, in space outfits. It would then force users to exit the service.”
Later in the day, I finally got the site up and the app downloaded.
All the frustration with trying to get it to work quickly disappeared.
I can honestly say that this was everything I needed and more than I expected.
Disney+ offers every Disney movie ever released, and when I say every movie, I mean every Disney movie ever produced.
To prove this, I asked a few of my friends to say a movie and I would search for it.
I asked my friend Rebecca and she said her favorite movie, “Sky High.”
For anyone who doesn’t know, “Sky High” is a 2005 American comedy film about an airborne school for teenage superheroes.
Other throwback movies the site offers are a few of my favorites, like “Pixel Perfect,” “Country Bears” and “Get a Clue.”
When I saw that these were offered, I cried physically.
Probably due to the fact that I’m super stressed, but also that I’m so happy I have old new movies to binge when I need a study break.
Disney+ also released new content like the new live-action “Lady and the Tramp” and “High School Musical: The Musical The Series.”
As someone who grew up watching “High School Musical,” I was skeptical of a new adaptation.
However after watching it, I really appreciated what the newer generation has done with the series.
To top it all off, I can now stream “Lizzie McGuire” and “That’s So Raven” whenever I want.
These movies shaped my childhood and I’m so excited that I can now watch them again in great, amazing quality.
Now if anyone needs me, I will be off watching Disney+ until I run out of movies.

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