What it is like not to party every weekend in college

After reading the headline of this article, you have probably already made an assumption about me and that is really unfair.
I have nothing against partying and people who choose to spend their weekends that way – it is a great way to socialize.
My friends are almost guaranteed to be found at a party each weekend. Beside the fact that I work most weekends, I do not think I owe anyone an explanation as to why I do not party every weekend.
I especially do not think I should be judged and considered an extreme introvert who does not know how to have fun.
Going out, to me, is just that — leaving my apartment to spend my night somewhere else; and sure, partying can be included in that, but it is not the only thing.
I tried desperately to find people like me when I first went to college, and I was really not able to.
I went to a 24-hour knit-a-thon on a Saturday night in hopes to find someone that would just go out with me to see a movie or go hear a live band at a coffee shop.
Not to fit into ~that~ aesthetic, but I was met purely with sorority and fraternity members who were getting their service hours over with by knitting for the homeless shelters, then invited me over to party afterwards.
I have nothing wrong with that.
I wished all those people a lovely night, and I sincerely meant it.
I am also not stereotyping Greek life to be full of parties.
That is just the example that came to my mind first.
To me, partying is absolutely exhausting.
I have found so many other things to do, though.
Erie is actually a great place if you know where to go.
Countless nights I have gone to Barnes and Noble with a friend and eaten Cheesecake Factory cheesecake before finding the most ridiculous books to read aloud, all while drowning out the words with laughter.
Just because I do not party also does not mean I never made any friends.
Sure, it was harder to find those people, but the more you go to places you enjoy, the more you will find people there that feel the same way as you.
Really cliché, I know, but if you are someone who also does not party, I strongly advise you to find your place in Erie because I know it is out there.
There are shows at the Warner, hockey games, venues with live music and local films that help you unwind after a stressful week.
If partying is your way to relax, more power to you. For those of you like me, however, you are perfectly fine the way you are, and you should not let anyone tell you that you “aren’t doing college right.”
You are experiencing college in your own way.

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