NBA season coming soon

As we all know, Tuesday night kicked off the start of the NBA season.
This mind-blowing tumultuous offseason has set this season off with trades and free agency additions creating new super teams!
These teams will battle out throughout the season seeing who is top dog, until we are down to two, and we will have a storybook finals with one team on top showing the world who is No. 1.
And today we are blessed with some truly great matchups: Chicago at Charlotte, Detroit vs. Indiana, Orlando vs. Cleveland, Boston at Philadelphia, Memphis vs. Miami, Minnesota vs. Brooklyn, Washington vs. Dallas, New York Knicks vs. San Antonio, Oklahoma City vs. Utah, Denver vs. Portland, and finally Sacramento vs. Phoenix.
Yeah that’s a lot of games, so if you are only going to watch one, I recommend the 7:30 p.m. matchup of the Celtics vs. the 76ers in Philly. Both teams are coming back from disappointing runs in the playoffs. During the offseason the Celtics lost Kyrie Irving. Now Irving is an elite superstar, but some experts believe he was bringing the team down and was not able to lead a locker room of young players.
However, to replace him Boston picked up All-Star Kemba Walker. Walker is a dominant player and fans should be excited to see what he does.
Finally on the other side, the 76ers are just a young dominant team led by one of the NBA’s best players, Joel Embiid. The team lost key players in Jimmy Butler and JJ Redick, yet the Sixers picked up some vital players in veteran Al Horford and guard Josh Richardson.
This matchup is going to be one that you do not want to miss! Anyways folks have a good week and GO KNIGHTS!

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