Appreciating fall and what it can offer for all

Michael Guido, News Editor

We all have our favorite season, whether that would be spring, summer, winter or fall.
For me, fall is my favorite season, without question.
That’s not to say the other seasons aren’t great in their own right; spring is a time of renewal and rebirth, summer is the time to let loose and enjoy great weather, and winter I guess has some redeeming qualities like Christmas, but honestly that’s the only positive thing I can say about winter.
Fall has been my favorite season since I was kid; growing up, Halloween was always my favorite holiday, and just something about fall made it the most magical time of year for me.
Whether it was the leaves changing colors, the temperature cooling a bit to reflect hoodie and jean season, or the activities associated with fall, it always struck with me with a sense of awe and happiness.
Another big aspect of why I love fall is that it welcomes the start of football at all levels of competition. Growing up, there was nothing better than the “fall routine,” as I called it. That routine consisted of going to high school football games Friday night, enjoying “football under the lights,” followed by bowling Saturday mornings in the local youth bowling league, then returning home to throw on the top college games that day. Then finally Sunday afternoons, either going to a local sports bar with my Dad to watch the pro games or sitting at home on the couch with a bowl of my Mom’s homemade chili, jeans and hoodie on, watching whatever was the top one o’clock game.
In another positive related to sports, fall marks the time period of when October baseball occurs, which in history has set up some memorable moments that fans of the sport will never forget.
In most areas, fall is the final strand of decent weather you’ll experience before winter comes in and ruins it all!
It would be wise to treasure these days of 50- to 60-degree weather before the days of 20 below and heavy coats reign supreme.
If you’re someone looking to woo and entertain a significant other during a nice, quality date, fall offers plenty of different ideas for such get-togethers.
You could take him/her to a pumpkin patch, go on a hay ride, go for a walk in the woods as the leaves change colors, or even go to a haunted house; honestly, the opportunities are endless.
When considering all that, it’s hard not to appreciate fall and what it has to offer not only as a season, but also as a cultural time period; I hope everyone enjoys this joyous time!

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