Learning how to handle a bad day

In life, it is common to experience bad days. Whether you failed a test, didn’t get the job you wanted or embarrassed yourself in front of a large group of people, I will say it happens to the best of us.
For some of us, we’re not entirely sure how to handle the things that are thrown our way.
For example, I let one bad thing affect my whole day, which is not healthy.
Recently, I have decided to try and focus more on my mental health than I have in the past, so I have compiled a list of ways to take the focus away from a bad day.
I am a strong believer in a clean room leads to a clean mind.
When I am having my bad days, I have noticed that I often lie in bed surrounded by a mess I created with no motivation to clean it.
Something in my mind tells me that if I can’t even do something simple like cleaning my room, then I can’t go on being productive with the rest of my day.
This is why I have been trying to take initiative to make my bed and straighten up my room before I start my day, so when I get home after a long day I don’t have to worry about coming home to a mess.
Another thing I like to do is listen to some of my favorite songs.
I try to listen to more upbeat and uplifting ones that will help change my mood.
A few of my favorites are “The Man” by Taylor Swift, “Little Me” by Little Mix and whatever musical I am a fan of at the moment.
Recently I have enjoyed music from “Beetlejuice” and “Hamilton,” the musicals.
Going on a walk or just being active in general is a way to shift negative feelings toward more positive feelings.
The focus you would put on your bad mood, you would then use to focus on your workout.
An important thing to remember is to take time to take care of yourself.
The easiest way to do that is to treat yourself.
This could simply be clearing your schedule for the day, enjoying a favorite snack or even doing a face mask to relax.
Sometimes social media can be the cause of bad feelings.
In today’s society, we are often comparing ourselves to others.
Try to stay off social media for a day to focus on more important matters.
Making a list to yourself to read on bad days can be beneficial to some.
Some of my friends and I have done so to remind ourselves that bad days come and go, but we must focus on and love ourselves.
Talk to a family member, friend or a trusted professor.
It may seem like no one understands what you’re going through, but I promise someone will listen.
If all else fails, a hot shower and a good cry can be beneficial.
For some, a shower is a good place to think and clear their mind, and a good place to cry in private.
At the end of the day, it is important remember to take time and focus on yourself.

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