Count down from ‘9’ and enjoy a modern classic


Humans? Gone. Machines? Rule. Will civilization ever be regained? That is the question. The 2009 film, “9,” depicts what a society ruled by great machinery looks like.
“9” is a PG-13 animated movie that was originally based on a 2004-2005 short film. It takes place many years from now in a post-apocalyptic world, after a great fight of humans against machines.
Although there is not a lot of blood or gore, the overall theme is sad and upsetting, which is why it is for more of an older audience.
In this film, a scientist creates the Great Machine that is supposed to help humanity make more robots to help in war. However, this machine has a mind of its own. It turns against humans, eliminating all of them.
The scientist, however, manages to create more robots in attempt to combat this evil machine.
Stichpunk, a subgenre of steampunk, are like robotic dolls that manage to continue to thrive.
There are nine of these voodoo doll-like creations, named numbers 1-9, 9 being the youngest member.
It is up to them to try and destroy the Great Machine that ended humanity. Unlike the other robots the scientist has created, there is a twist to these nine creations.
They have something inside of them that contributes to their morals, giving them more of a human-like perspective.
Each number has a unique feature compared to the others; 1, the oldest and leader; 2, an inventor; 3 and 4, intelligent twins; 5, an engineer; 6, an artist; 7, a warrior; and 8, the muscles.
And most importantly 9, the one who can change the views of 1 to stop hiding and fight.
This animated film was produced by the original short-film producer, Jim Laney.
However, popular director Tim Burton helped in this film. For me, any Burton project is perfect for the fall and Halloween season.
It is intriguing to see the gothic elements put into the many works Burton has done. In the opening sequence, one can see the detail put into this animation.
For a movie made in 2009, the details are very advanced.
The theme of this film is something to really think about; with technology advancing each day, is it possible that eventually one creation can have a mind of its own?
It is an unsettling reality that might eventually be possible. After all, we are now advancing into self-driving cars, which seem to have minds of their own.
Another important element of this film is teamwork. It takes risk and individual talents to come together to do the impossible.
Without 9 and his courage to take on the antagonist, there wouldn’t be a chance to further civilization.
Overall, I highly recommend “9.” It is something to get one thinking about the possibilities of the future. “9” is available on Netflix.

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