Mental health is important for all

The first three weeks of the school year have come to an end, and exams have already began and the first big assignment has been given.
For a college student, exams and projects cause stress, which can lead to serious mental or physical health issues.
Gannon University offers a range of services for students dealing with mental and physical illnesses.
The Health and Wellness Center located at Harborview House Apartments on West Sixth Street offers counseling services.
Sessions are held for individuals, couples who are both enrolled at Gannon and groups of students with common concerns (anxiety, eating disorder, self esteem).
They also offer a variety of self-help, developmental and skill-building workshops for not only students but faculty as well.
Topics include self- esteem building, stress management, self/time management techniques, relaxation methods, eating disorders, alcohol issues, relationship building and many more.
The Health and Wellness Center is also available to those who are feeling under the weather.
Services are available to students with a completed Health Examination Form and a valid Gannon ID.
The center offers minor injury/illness health care, blood pressure monitoring, flu vaccine and more.
If you are nervous to speak to a counselor or doctor, Gannon also offers Common Bonds, a group for students that is dedicated to promoting awareness related to chronic medical conditions.
If someone you know seems as if they are struggling, please contact the Health and Wellness Center.
Office hours are Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-noon, 1 p.m.-4 p.m.