Shedding light on fraternity and sorority stereotypes; not like films

I know I’m about to sound like a broken record, but honestly I could care less at this point “Hi, I’m Liv and I am a super dedicated sorority girl, but I would not call myself a stereotypical one.”
For as long as I’ve been involved in fraternity and sorority life, I have heard the stereotypes: “You buy all your friends,” “You’re not actually that nice,” “All you do is party,” “I bet your ‘philanthropy’ money goes toward parties.”
To those I say, get to know me and my community before you judge us.
As mentioned in several previous articles, I joined fraternity and sorority life during the spring semester of my freshman year.
Before I joined, I will admit I was not only hesitatant, but afraid due to the multiple rumors I had heard like, “They only like skinny girls,” “If you’re not blonde, they won’t even consider you,” “You don’t have the personality to be in that sorority” and other comments that made me unsure if I should rush or not.
However, I faced my fears and decided to go through the process.
Since then, I have loved every minute of it, and I wish I could tell freshman me how it has changed my life.
As mentioned above, there are stereotypes that are thrown around that I would like to bring an end to.
Although it may not entirely end them, I hope it shines a light on the real appeal. Before I get into it, I would like to address that I’m not blaming any of the sororities on this campus for anything; I am simply blaming those who have let these awful rumors continue. For someone to tell me a sorority only like girls of a certain image in this day in age is honestly disappointing.
We live in a time where not only women, but a majority of people are insecure about their image. Personally, I have always struggled with this.
Thankfully, I have come to learn that sororities accept women of all shapes and sizes.
When it comes to personality, everyone is different. I am someone who would be described as bubbly, boisterous and loyal.
My sorority, Sigma Sigma Sigma, has been stereotyped as the crazy personality type.
However, I would describe all the people I have come to know as different, but overall we are the most unique people I have ever met.
In films, people in fraternity and sorority life are seen as dumb and only party. On Gannon’s campus, this could not be far from the truth. Statistics have shown that people in fraternity and sorority life have higher GPAs than those who are not involved.
My favorite stereotype is that I pay for my friends. The dues we pay actually go to our philanthropies and give back to the community. They honestly go nowhere near our parties or personal spendings.
We are friends not because of how much we pay but due to the fact we truly enjoy each other’s company.
At the end of the day, I’m proud to say I no longer let these stereotypes get to me.

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