Classic teen horror flick ‘Carrie’ still holds up


If you love autumn as much as I do, then you are probably already wearing sweaters, drinking pumpkin spiced coffees and watching horror-related movies on Netflix.
Although the season does not officially start until Sept. 23, it is never too early to start watching fall-themed movies.
If you like the sense of thrill, terror or just mocking older movies that were “scary” at the time they were released, then you may enjoy 1976 film “Carrie.”
Based on the popular novel by Stephen King, “Carrie” is a supernatural horror film with an R rating.
It is considered one of the classics by King.
This film is well-known throughout the world, and has been referenced in many old and new television shows and movies.
Growing up with no father and an overzealous, religious mother, Carrie White is not considered part of the popular crowd.
Instead, she is a puppet for many of her peers to pick on.
Not knowing much about the real world, Carrie is considered innocent. Carrie’s favorite tormentor, Chris, uses the fact that she does not know much to make her life a living nightmare.
The first scene in the movie consists of an incident that happened in the gym.
The more popular girls throw things at Carrie, call her names and make demands of Carrie that she does not understand.
Luckily the gym teacher, and probably one of the only people who are nice to Carrie, comes out and rescues her.
The gym incident sets the entire plot of the movie.
While being picked on, Carrie realizes she can do things that most people cannot do. Carrie has telekinesis.
As Carrie recovers and avoids her gym class, the bullies get scolded and are thrown into detention.
With their senior prom around the corner, no one can skip detention without missing the prom.
However, Chris refuses to take the punishment and instead forms a plot to make Carrie’s experience at prom an unforgettable one.
In the end, the people who were mean to Carrie get their karma.
For an older film, I can see where some of the special effects can be cheesy.
However, the actors were phenomenal.
Sissy Spacek, the actress playing Carrie, did a phenomenal job at capturing the character of a tormented girl with special powers.
And, if you like John Travolta, then you will also like this movie. He is another actor who did an extraordinary job.
Travolta’s character is also a huge antagonist in the film, and it is interesting to see him in a darker light than the other well-known films he is in.
Bullying, discrimination and harassment has sadly been a part of culture for many moons.
I love the theme that being mean or hurtful to another person is never worth it.
The message of “Carrie” is that there is always a consequence to one’s choices.
The consequence the people faced? Well, you’ll just have to watch it for yourself.
“Carrie” is available for streaming now on Netflix.

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