Hit show ‘The Office’ stands the test of time, brings enjoyment

My favorite thing to do while procrastinating an article is to watch “The Office.” With good faith, I can say I quote “The Office” an unhealthy amount of times per day with an undying passion. I have watched every season at least seven times and I laugh every single time. So, after six years, why is it still popular?
Since it first aired in 2005, “The Office” has won over 45 television awards and continues to be the No. 1 watched show on Netflix. Even Billie Eilish incorporated a sound byte of the show into her 2019 song, “My Strange Addiction.”
The show’s popularity continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, and some may say it is too big for its own sake (that’s what she said).
“The Office” changed the game of sitcoms with its one-camera perspective. It makes anyone in a cringe-worthy situation wish they had their own camera to make a smug face the way Jim Halpert does. As a mockumentary, it has all the drama of a reality show but with the witty, dry humor that makes it so memorable.
We all know someone so eager to please others that they have worked their way into a position of authority, yet they have the most lackadaisical work ethic that it’s laughable. Whether it’s Prison Mike, Date Mike or Michael Scarn in “Threat Level Midnight,” there is a personality that strikes a chord with everyone.
Almost any audience member can relate to these white-collared paper-pushers who will do anything to get through their mind-numbingly dull workday. Episodes like “Office Olympics” or “Work Bus,” although unrealistic, show the extent to which employees would be willing to go to bring some joy into their workplace. Many of the events that take place in the show are a reality for people, including the boring human resources meetings or training days that take place.
As with any successful show, the love story of Jim and Pam drew lots of attention as the storyline progressed. Their dynamic is so powerful and realistic that it can make you smile, laugh or feel heartbreak all over again.
Other individual stories grew as well, including Dwight and his beet farm, Darryl and his transition from the warehouse, Andy and his adjustment to a new workplace and Oscar’s coming out story.
The diversity the characters exemplify is a quality that many shows lack. In a time when diversity is a highly debated topic, the show is a standout that demonstrates what a cast should represent. Almost every demographic can identify with the characters, especially as the newer generations move into the work force.
Arguably the best part about the show is its rewatchability. Each time you watch it, there are new details you did not previously notice. Still, just putting it on in the background while doing homework, you are sure to pick up its hilarious one-liners.
The creative heights “The Office” reaches with its attention to detail and intricacies in the storyline make it incomparable to other shows of its time.
Several sitcoms have been released since its premiere, but they all pale in comparison to the enduring, comedic gold “The Office” continues to be.

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