The Knight staff brings on new staff

The Gannon Knight staff would like to welcome everyone back to campus for another memorable year.
The staff is not only excited to bring all of our readers new and interesting information, but to welcome our brand new staff that will be bringing you this information all year.
Michael Guido will cover campus news as the news editor.
Chloe Forbes will serve as the features editor.
Alexa Rogers will assist both Guido and Forbes as the news and features assistant editor.
Benjamin Haylett will continue as the arts and leisure editor for his second year in a row.
Alex Stauff will be working as the assistant arts and leisure editor as well as the roundtable editor.
Our sports editor is Brittany Metzler.
Maddy Bruce is the copy editor.
Clare Davis is working as photo coordinator as well as the photographer.
Bianca Phillips will be working as both the business and advertising manager.
Olivia Hahner will be working as the editor-in-chief.
Frank Garland will continue his work as The Knight’s adviser.
The Gannon Knight is always looking for new staff writers interested in any of our four sections: news, features, arts and leisure and sports.
Staff writers are permitted to write in any section they wish.
They may even choose to write in multiple sections until they find which one is right for them.
Staff writers may write as often, or as little, as they would like.
Those interested in writing can email any section editor to receive more information.
Also, be sure to follow our various social media accounts.
We plan to interact with readers throughout the school year.
Have a great year!