Holiday brings bittersweet feelings to graduating senior

In case you were not aware, this past weekend was St. Patty’s, a holiday for all of Erie and Gannon to celebrate.

As a graduating senior, it was bittersweet to have this be my last one before transitioning to the post-bac life.

My friends and I spent our time wandering around enjoying each other’s company. I am a firm believer in the quote that “it doesn’t matter where you’re going, it’s who you have beside you.”

That definitely applies to not only past experiences of this weekend and semesters, but also future moments.

Whenever I have traveled with Gannon, I always return home and people ask what I did or what my favorite part was.

The truth is that the majority of the time, the entire experience was transformed by the people standing beside me. And looking into the next few months, that is still the case.

Sometimes, we go on crazy adventures that could make Instagram itself look jealous and other times, we end up watching dumb horror movies on a couch. But in either moment, we have each other and that makes the whole experience.

The one thing that we have all worked on embracing is the fact that we have started to feel incredibly old.

Walking around downtown Erie this past weekend, we realized that we honestly don’t know people as well anymore. Instead, we were visiting friends that are now working full-time and returned for the holiday.

Freshmen walk around campus with these new terms and phrases, and I honestly have no clue what they mean.

Sometimes we go to the cafe and sit down, unsure of who anyone is.

It seems strange that just a few semesters ago, we once stood by the waffle machine, saying hi to every single person that walked by.

As sophomores, you know almost everyone on campus and you act like you own the place. Then as a junior, real life hits and the things that matter take precedent over popularity.

In senior year, you find yourself transitioning into what the real world might just be like.

Our conversations have drifted from gossip and talk of classes to sales that are at Aldi’s or asking each other for quarters to do our laundry.

The reality is that as we have gotten older, we have begun to let go of the superficial nature that we once held and showed our true selves.

I wouldn’t trade this weird sense of maturing for anything.

I think by embracing the true uncertainty of being a young adult, you are welcomed into the first steps of being an adult where uncertainty remains at the forefront of everything.

We only have a few weeks left in the semester and we are counting down the days. Despite the stress of everyday life, it’s nice to have the perfect company alongside you. People who are meant for watching movies, sharing recipes and growing “old” with.

So here’s to feeling like not just seniors, but additionally even senior citizens who search for quarters along the way.


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