Remembering all that my mentor has taught me

Over break, I was told that one of my mentors, someone who has guided me through my five years at Gannon, may not be allowed to return to campus.

Although I will leave her name out of this, I still felt like I need to use my column to write about it.

This mentor I refer to is no longer a faculty member at Gannon, but she was an advisor of mine. She was the one person who got me through college.

I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today without all her continuous support.

After my second year of college, I didn’t meet the GPA requirements and failed the semester. I was notified that I was not allowed to return to Gannon. I had failed out of college, and I was lost. But she was there for me.

She told me to appeal the decision, to say that I regretted neglecting my studies and letting all my previous years of hard work go to waste.

I promised that if Gannon allowed me to return, I’d do my best to keep my grades up.

I appealed and was allowed back, obviously, but it wouldn’t have happened without her because all I got from my family was anger: “How could you ruin your future like that? What are you going to do now, if they don’t accept your appeal?”

I wouldn’t have been able to keep my grades up and survive being a manager at 90.5 WERG and be a section editor with The Gannon Knight without her nicely nagging me to stay focused.

She would constantly remind me that I’m very smart and that I am capable of getting through college.

She was also raised in a low-income household like I am, so she’s also helped me with financial situations.

She made it out of poverty, and she was always trying to help me reach my goals, to get a degree and be involved in groups that will land me a great job to get me out of poverty, too.

She even grew up with a sister, so any time I needed to rant about one or both of my sisters, she’d listen to me.

She has given me hope and has been a source of light for me on even my darkest of days.

It’s been life changing having someone who actually understands what you’re going through. She could relate to my struggles and gave me tips on how to survive anything.

I’m sad that I have to finish these last few months without her being on campus, but because of everything she has helped me with and that she has taught me since the first day I met her, I know that I’ll be fine.

I wish she was here to help until graduation, but I also hope for the best for her.


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