You can never be too old for childhood classics

As Walt Disney once said, “Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional.”
If that didn’t already give it away, I’m not sure what else will, but I have been a fan of Disney as long as I can remember.
I’m not sure what started it, but it begins in my earliest memories and photographs. I had a Winnie the Pooh style nursery and plenty of toys that fit the theme.
As the years followed, I remained a fan of the Disney industry. I grew up watching Disney movies as well as the Disney Channel network.
Every few summers, we would go down to Orlando and visit the theme parks. It was these memories that shaped my childhood and made me who I am today.
By the time you reach adulthood, you are expected to abandon your childhood beliefs and pursue new interests.
For me, this could be far from the truth. Even at the age of 19, I am still as a big of a Disney fan as I was as a child. Actually, I might be more of a fan now.
I still own Disney articles, such as shirts, movies, books, stuffed animals and much more.
I even own a dress similar to Lilo’s from “Lilo & Stitch” and went as her this past Halloween.
However, my favorite character from that movie is Stitch himself. Of all the Disney things I own, a majority of these objects are of Stitch himself.
Recently, my mom sent me a Stitch Alex and Ani bracelet from Disney. I am glad to have someone in my life who not only understands my love for Disney, but shares the same amount of love I share.
One of my other favorite Disney characters is Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Similar to her, I enjoy reading and dream about traveling to far off places. If asked to pick between the animated and the live action, I don’t think I ever could.
I have been asked a few times before if I have a least favorite Disney character and honestly I do not. Even the villains’ story lines and plots for destruction excite me during the films.
My favorite Disney villain would have to be Malificent. When Disney released a film about her life, I was intrigued for the new perspective it offered to audiences.
Although I don’t have cable here on campus, I try my best to catch up on new Disney movies when I return home for breaks.
This past Friday, Disney released a new take on the original animated series “Kim Possible.” However, this time it was live action and starred an all new cast due to the original one being grown adults.
Fans of the cartoon took to the internet to express this anger, but personally I am excited to see how Disney brought new life to a character I grew up watching.
Call me immature or even a child, but nothing will change how I feel about anything Disney-related.
“Everyone in the world was once a child,” Disney said. “We grow up. Our personalities change, but in every one of us something remains: our childhood.”

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