Healthy lifetyles can be hard to obtain in college

If you spoke to anyone who knows me, they would most likely tell you that I am one of the unhealthiest people they know.
I am the kind of person that will get so stressed that I forget to eat, but I am also the type to eat an enormous amount of junk food if you were to put it in front of me.
To give you an idea of my eating habits, I can walk into Docs and any of the very kind Metz employees working the grill will automatically know my order of chicken nuggets and French fries for lunch every day.
Growing up, I was an extremely picky eater.
Now, as a kind of adult, things have not changed.
One of the most difficult things for me as far as living in a dorm room is the already limited access I have to a variety of foods just from the fact that I only have a fridge and a microwave to use freely in my own space.
The cafe is a wonderful place to get a few different kinds of foods on campus, but when you are busy for all of the hours they are open, it can be frustrating when you’re sitting in your room at 10 p.m. hungry.
So it is always just easier for me to order something like a pizza during those times.
When you are as selective with your food as I am, it can be very difficult to try to lead a healthy lifestyle.
I have had many bouts of motivation where I would try to increase my water intake, which is pretty easily done when you know that I drink no water at all in my daily life.
I have tried making plans to go to the gym more often, which always turns into me sitting in my room in gym clothes watching YouTube videos for hours.
So I have come up with an idea to help myself try to be better overall.
I once read a study that said, if you write something down, you’re more likely to do it.
I have put off writing something about this for a long time because I knew that if I wrote about it, I would somehow be held accountable for it.
But I feel as though I have reached a point where I am honestly just sick and tired of feeling sick and tired all of the time.
Being in college is difficult enough, but when you add in being extremely unhealthy to the mix, it only leads to more problems.
I find it difficult to stay awake during the days, I feel a crazy amount of stress all of the time and I am just overall unhappy with how I feel.
I am hoping to make small changes to the way I live in order to change myself for the better.
It is also important to me to make these changes before I enter the real world where I will have even more freedom than I already have.
I want to have these new habits set within myself so that they will hopefully be easier to maintain once graduation has come and gone.
When I have tried this in the past, I was always extremely hard on myself.
Anyone trying to change their lifestyle needs to understand that these things don’t just happen overnight.
I need to allow myself to fail and fall down sometimes, but I also need to know that I can get back up again and continue to work on myself for my own health.

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