The bond you share with your teammates is unlike any other in life.
The combination of dripping sweat and working toward victory creates lasting relationships.
We see it all around Gannon’s campus.
No matter what sports team it is, the students never seem to mind spending so much time together.
They train, eat and study together on a daily basis, and many of them even live with each other.
Now the rest of us not-so-athletic folk won’t bond over a winning free throw or a walk-off home run, but luckily our Gannon community has many organizations to make students feel a part of a team.
It could be SGA or Greek Life or even helping develop the paper you’re reading right now.
There are so many opportunities on our campus to find meaningful communities.
What’s most important, though, is what you do once you enter your preferred organization — or organizations if you’re a real go-getter.
Just as athletes need to train hard to win, we too need to extend significant effort to also see success.
Your involvement can’t just be showing up to a weekly meeting, eating the free pizza and half-listening to the club president give his or her spiel.
Find your nook. Find your cranny. You were intrigued by something about the club so figure out what it is, align it with a life goal and take off.
End of the day, you gain another great talking point for those future interviews.
The rewards of accomplishment are fruitful and everlasting.
So, no matter what goals you have in life, a team — a community of like-minded individuals — will bring lasting relationships and the happiness that comes with success.

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