Some people don’t like chocolate, Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is probably one of my least favorite holidays.

And it doesn’t really have anything to do with the fact that couples are extra lovey-dovey on this day or anything.

That’s never really bothered me.

I mean it does suck being single on a couple’s holiday, but I’ve never been in a relationship before.

So, I don’t have any expectations for the holiday like someone in a relationship normally would.

The main reason why I don’t like Valentine’s Day is because it’s centered around chocolate.

There are chocolate hearts, chocolate rose bouquets, everything.

There are the candy conversation hearts and a few other things that aren’t made of chocolate, but for the most part, Valentine’s Day is a holiday with chocolate.

And for someone like me who is lactose intolerant, even if I liked chocolate, I still wouldn’t be able to enjoy much without getting sick.

I’ve only had issues with dairy since high school, but even before that, before getting sick every time I had the smallest amount of dairy, I was never a fan of chocolate.

I used to eat a Snickers or a Crunch bar every now and then.

I like chocolate chip cookies and brownies too… but that’s the extent of chocolate I’ll eat.

I don’t like any other candy bars with chocolate in them either.

I also don’t like chocolate milk or chocolate ice cream, and I can only tolerate about one bite of chocolate cake before it’s too much chocolate for me.

You’re probably thinking, is there even such a thing as too much chocolate? I’d say yes.

And I know it’s crazy for someone to not like chocolate, especially when my sister could probably eat an entire chocolate cake with chocolate frosting all by herself.

Then, once Valentine’s Day is over, all the chocolate is on sale. So, I can’t even celebrate that I can get tons of chocolate on sale because I won’t eat it anyway.

Easter is the same way, too.

Everything is chocolate for that holiday as well.

If future me is ever in a relationship, though, I’d definitely be OK with getting a heart-shaped pizza.

The pizza would have to be just cheese, though. If there’s pepperoni on it, someone else would have to eat that.

In other words, to sum up who I am, I’m an extremely picky eater who is no fun because I don’t enjoy things like pepperoni on my pizza or like chocolate on holidays like Valentine’s Day and Easter.


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