New experiences happen, even through senior year

It’s been weird having a meal plan for the first time since freshman year.
It’s always mandatory for freshmen to have a meal plan at Gannon, and I remember how I used to wonder if I’d use all my swipes for the day or week, where I was going to get my food and so on.
I’m not someone who is willing to go to the cafeteria alone.
I honestly don’t know how some people do.
I don’t mind eating alone. I do that all the time when I cook in my dorm room.
But for some reason, eating alone in the cafeteria is a whole different story.
During my freshman year, I absolutely hated having a meal plan.
The only instances I actually used my swipes were when family came to visit, which was fairly often since I was only 16 when I started, and I was on my own at a campus that’s a 2 1/2 drive from my hometown.
But now, my younger sister also attends Gannon. So, it’s easier to use my swipes because when we get food, I’m swiping for her and myself.
My mom is also grateful that I have a meal plan because then she knows we’re eating, and we don’t have to buy as much food to keep our rooms stocked.
Now we’re going to the cafeteria together, usually on both Saturday and Sunday and occasionally during the week depending on the dinner menu that night.
Regularly being in the cafeteria now after four years feels like nothing has changed but feels completely different at the same time.
Just the other day we were at the cafeteria, one of the Metz workers who is a regular face at Knight’s Cove and the cafeteria, asked me if I was the girl who started at Gannon at 16.
I said, “Yeah, that’s me. I’m 21 now, though.”
Back when I first started at Gannon, my mom didn’t want me telling students my age because I was so much younger than my peers, yet just as if not more mature than them.
But at the same time, she would constantly tell every faculty and staff member. And I can understand that as a parent, she’s very proud to have a child start college so young.
The lady also remembered that I was studying foreign language and asked if that was still what I was pursuing.
I told her I switched to journalism communication.
She said she couldn’t believe it’s been five years already. I can’t believe it’s gone by that fast either.
It was nice, though, that with all the faces she sees daily and every year as more students attend Gannon, she still remembers me.


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