FOMO is real for students with busy schedules

With the 15th annual Wellness Fair, hosted by the Recreation and Wellness Center, all wrapped up for the year, I am finally understanding what “FOMO” is all about.
The fear of missing out (FOMO) is basically the feeling that you are missing out on the fun things that are going on around you for one reason or another.
I never really understood the feeling until I got to college, and the annual Wellness Fair always brings out this feeling for me.
For the last three years, I have had the opportunity to work at the Wellness Fair in order to represent The Gannon Knight.
While this is always a good time and it gives the Knight an opportunity to have a presence on campus, I always feel as though I am missing out on all of the fun that takes place during events such as the fair.
It also does not help that the Wellness Fair takes place on a Tuesday each year, which also happens to be the production night for the Knight.
This makes it basically impossible for me to attend the event as a guest, as I am always volunteering.
There were many things that take place during the Wellness Fair that I would have loved to participate in.
For example, the infamous therapy dogs were in attendance, the Erie Zoo brought in some small animals for students to see and there was even a miniature horse.
The only reason I even know that those things took place was because of social media.
This is what seems to happen with most events at Gannon for me. I will see all of the highlights on social media and wish I could have had the time to participate.
Unfortunately, with a busy schedule and a lot on my plate this semester, I cannot see myself being able to attend and enjoy many of the remaining events of my senior year.
You would think that, given the fact that I have been working on The Knight for three years with my main focus being news content, I would have attended many of the events that Gannon has had to offer in the past.
This just is not the case. I often attend events as a volunteer or a reporter, but never as a student who gets to enjoy the free food or activities.
I cannot remember the last event I attended that I considered myself a guest of for the duration of my time there.
This may just sound like a bunch of complaining, but it isn’t all bad.
I love going to events and representing The Knight, as it is something that I pour a lot of my time and heart into.
I love getting to meet new individuals and talk about what we do.
I just wish it didn’t always have to come at the cost of my personal relaxed enjoyment at campus events.
I regret not trying to make more time during my earlier years at Gannon to go to events that took place.
If I could do it over, I would have tried to make it out more and attend more events, but I didn’t know how busy I would be nowadays.
I guess at the end of the day, though, I will get to enjoy the most important event of them all: graduation.


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