Climate change causes huge concerns for all

President Donald Trump denies the existence of climate change, but science has proven him wrong. Climate change is a reality whose impact is growing as time passes.
Have you noticed the increase in the number of floods, storms, fires or even hurricanes? Have you noticed how last week we got those two days of cold weather and not even three days later, the temperatures increased so much that it does not look like a normal Erie winter?
We passed from one day being stuck in our houses because of the cold winds, to the next day not even wearing a coat. All of these changes are symptoms of an acceleration of global warming.
If we do not take any action to stop it, the world in which we live will deteriorate, and life will not be as is it nowadays.
The climate is changing because of the way we are living, especially in more developed countries. Among those are European Union countries, China and the United States. The power plants that produce electricity and heat, the cars, the factories, even the food wrapping — all these elements are just a few that contribute to global warming.
The polar ice caps are melting; the glaciers are disappearing, causing an increase in the sea level. In the last century the level has increased 20 centimeters and if climate change keeps growing, this increase could reach 88 centimeters in the next century. If so, islands like the Maldives would be flooded. The water could reach areas that now are far from the sea.
In the last decade, there have been three times more natural catastrophes in the world due to meteorological origin than in the 1960s.
Apart from producing enormous amounts of damage, it is also making insurance costs grow.
Climate change would also lead to the extinction of many species of the Earth between now and 2050. Specifically the animals from cold regions, such as polar bears or penguins, would be in danger of extinction.
The European Union is convinced that we can reduce the production of greenhouse gases, which are one of the main causes of global warming. Carbon dioxide is one of these gases that trap the heat from the sun causing a gradual rise in the Earth atmosphere temperature.
The reduction of these gases will improve the quality of life. But to make this happen, it will be necessary to modify our way of living – and specifically our way of producing and of using energy.
Climate change will not remit immediately. But the earlier we change our awareness of it and take action to fight it, the easier it will be that we can take control of our destiny, live comfortably and protect all the beauty and diversity of our planet for the future.
This is not a problem of just a couple of countries, but of the entire planet. Every country should apply actions in order to reduce pollution and to conserve the planet we live in.
The reality is that we are destroying the world we live in.


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