Snowfall brings new fun wintertime activities to Erie

What happened to our fall? We got a couple days of chilly weather and falling leaves in between the heatwave that was the end of summer, and then we got bombarded with inches upon inches of snow in one night.

Well, it was a little earlier than I was expecting, but I cannot really complain too much. I love the snow.

And for anyone who does not, here are a couple of fun things to do during these winter months.

First and foremost, if you have nothing to do in the snow, a snowball fight is the best activity to start with.

Personally, I have already been a part of two snowball fights.

One took place the night before a gross anatomy lecture exam during the first snowfall of the year, and another ended up with a giant snowball getting thrown through the one of the windows in my living room.

The former was a lot of fun, the latter not so much.

Second, if you have never been skiing or tubing, this should definitely be the year to start.

Here in Erie, you have a couple options for going out and trying it for the first time.

Just a little bit south of here in Edinboro there is the small but fun Mount Pleasant. Mount Pleasant is perfect for beginners as none of the hills are too steep while still remaining a lot of fun.

For the more advanced skiers, Peek n’ Peak in Clymer, N.Y., is just under an hour away. Not only do you and your friends get to enjoy the slopes, but you can also enjoy a mini road trip.

The Peak has hills for just about every level of skier, and is a load of fun for a group of friends to head up for a day or even a weekend.

Another favorite winter activity of mine is going to Splash Lagoon here in Erie.

Nothing is better than going to a water park in the middle of the winter.

There is just something strange about going and enjoying traditionally summer activities in the winter time, and they have a slide that exits the building for a short time.

Nothing is weirder than starting to go down a water slide warm, getting cold in the middle and ending up warm again.

It is the strangest feeling, and something that I think everyone should do.

Lastly, for anyone who doesn’t feel like spending a lot of money going someplace to ski or swim, my absolute favorite winter activity is to stay inside and watch a movie.

Nothing beats getting a group of friends together, making a big batch of hot cocoa, eating popcorn and enjoying each other’s company while watching a movie.

Whether it’s a comedy or a drama, action or romance, any movie is a perfect movie for a winter movie night.

With these ideas in mind, I hope that anyone who does not really like the cold times will find this winter a little more bearable. The snow is a big part of living in Erie during this time of year, and if you learn to find fun things to pass the time, the seemingly endless cold months go by in the blink of an eye.

And for anyone who does like winter, you do not need my advice. Just keep doing what you like to do.


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