TSO gives something to look forward to

On Thursday, I stopped by my campus mailbox to see if I had anything because I usually try to check once a week.

To my surprise, my Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets were in there!

When I first bought the tickets for the show back in the beginning of September, the email said they would be mailed around the end of November, which is around two weeks before the show.

Then I got an email a week ago that said they would be delivered within the next 10 days.

Now my only goal is to not lose them prior to the show on Dec. 15 in Buffalo, N.Y.

I have been seeing Trans-Siberian Orchestra since 2007 when my aunt took me to see them for the first time.

Since then, it has been an intention of mine to save up so I can try and go every year, but money has made that hard in recent years.

But not this year.

I made sure to make it work because with college being so stressful as I approach graduation, I need positive, relaxing things to enjoy in the meantime.

This year, my Aunt Rose and younger sister, Madeline, will be tagging along.

Madeline has never seen Trans-Siberian Orchestra before.

Every year I got to go, both of my sisters would get extremely jealous since it started out as being a tradition between my Aunt Rose and me

Last year, my other sister, Danielle, my dad and Aunt Tammy went with me to the performance in Erie.

For all of them, it was their first time seeing Trans-Siberian Orchestra. They all loved the show.

This year we have to wait until I’m done with finals to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra in Buffalo because this year’s Erie show is during Thanksgiving break when I’m going to be home.

Although I don’t like Christmas music, I don’t consider Trans-Siberian Orchestra to be strictly Christmas music.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra can be played all year round, and I will occasionally listen to them during the year.

Going to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra has become almost an annual tradition.

It’s OK that I have to wait though, because with our final thesis presentations right around the corner, I’d rather have Trans-Siberian Orchestra be an end-of-the-semester celebration.

It’s been the hardest semester ever, and I’m looking forward to going home for Christmas to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

No matter how many times I see them, no matter how many times it’s the same show back-to-back, I will still love every minute of the concert.


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