Netflix provides outlet for procrastination

I think that most students could agree that one of the best things to do when you are procrastinating is to watch a show or movie on Netflix.

Lately, I have been taking advantage of some of my free time, and admittedly my not-so-free time, to watch a few new movies on the platform.

I feel as though Netflix offers a great variety of movies in the palm of our hands.

This allows people like myself to dive into a different world more easily.

I find it a lot earlier to log into Netflix and scroll down to my desired genre and choose from the list of movies offered.

I find that a lot less complicated than having to think of a movie on my own to watch, or scroll through thousands of titles on Google.

This also allows individuals to find movies they may have not chosen to watch otherwise.

This is exactly how I found the movie “Room” and was immediately drawn to the synopsis given by Netflix.

The movie takes place through the point of view of the 5-year-old main character, Jack.

The movie watches him as he lives the first few days after his fifth birthday inside a small confined room.

The audience later finds out that the room the boy is trapped in is a shed in the backyard of a man who captured Jack’s mother, who lives in the shed as well, when she was just 17 years old.

The entire first half of the film shows the pair trying to figure out how they will eventually make their escape from the room they are stuck in.

This proves to be more difficult because Jack does not understand the concept of the outside world.

Because he has been held captive since birth, he has only seen snippets of the outside world through television, which means that he had believed that the entire world was fake and only on tv.

This meant that his mother had to reshape the way he thought about the world before they could properly plot their escape.

Once Jack understands the outside world enough, his mother comes up with a plan that she believes will make their captor take Jack out of the shed and to the hospital.

She decides to make Jack appear sick in hopes that their captor will take Jack to the hospital where he could get help for the pair.

When this plan does not work, they need to come up with a new plan very quickly.

The next step the two take is to pretend that Jack had died in the small space, which makes their captor take him out of the shed. At this point, Jack makes his escape.

The rest of the movie shows how Jack is acclimated to the world outside of the shed he had been locked in all of his life.

Overall, I thought this movie was fantastic.

It kept you wanting to know what would happen next, especially when the mother and son were still trying to escape the shed.

The movie did a great job of showing the difficult process that takes place when children need to be reintroduced, or in this case, originally introduced, to the world.

I would highly recommend this film to anyone who is looking for a new movie that will make them think and keep them on the edge of their seats.


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