YouTube cameraman inspires content viewers

For those of you who are not aware who Andrew Siwicki is, he is Shane Dawson’s cameraman and a huge part of his YouTube family.

I think Siwicki is an amazing YouTuber, even though he may not be on camera all the time. The cameraman is just as important.

During a video that Dawson uploaded in February, titled “Exposing My Secret Cameraman,” Dawson revealed Siwicki’s face and name in the bathroom mirror.

Siwicki also acts as fellow YouTuber and friend, Garrett Watts’, cameraman. He often shows up in Gabbie Hanna’s vlogs, but since being revealed in February by Dawson, he has been shown on camera a lot more than a usual cameraman is.

Siwicki has also played a large part in the growth of Dawson’s channel over the past year and has helped Dawson grow to more superstar status with better content.

If you were to look at Dawson’s channel a year ago, you would probably see that some of the videos were lacking ideas and becoming repetitive.

Dawson himself said that Siwicki had helped him with ideas for more creative content. Dawson has now made three series in the past eight months.

The first series involved Dawson talking to a YouTuber who goes by grav3yardgirl, and helping her build better content for her channel. This is something that Dawson credits to Siwicki.

The second series involved Dawson living a day in the life of YouTuber and beauty mogul Jeffree Star, and figuring out why Star does the things that he does.

The latest series has been the most controversial but something Dawson says he is very proud of: an eight-part series talking to Vine Star turned YouTuber Jake Paul, who has been taking some recent heat due to decisions that he has made.

Dawson also likes to see what others think of the content. He posted a reply to Jeremy Jahns’ review of “The Mind of Jake Paul,” stating “he did a review of the series me and Andrew made and my heart is overflowing,” crediting Siwicki for the success of the series.

Siwicki is like the friend who is always in your corner no matter what you do. They just want to see you succeed.

Through his editing and videography, Siwicki makes sure that the audience is connecting with the people in the video on a personal level. He makes the audience feel as though you may even know the YouTuber like one of your friends.

Siwicki has really changed the game for cameramen working in Hollywood, and especially on YouTube, as he has added himself to the family and made a connection with his audience even from behind the camera.

So when you see a YouTube video and hear the most iconic laugh coming from behind the camera, then you know it’s going to be good as the man standing behind the camera knows what you want to see and that man is most likely Siwicki.


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