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Advising Day gives planning opportunities

Classes for the spring semester were made available last week for students to prepare for Advising Day.

Advising Day is an entire day set aside for students to get their schedule for the next semester approved by their academic adviser.

Classes that are scheduled between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. are canceled on Advising Day.

Any evening classes after 4:30 p.m. will still be held.

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As a student in her fifth and final year, preparing for Advising Day will be brief and easy because I only have one semester left to finish.

But it’s also bittersweet. This is my last Advising Day.

I won’t have to meet with my adviser in the spring because I’ll be getting ready to graduate.

It’s unbelievable how fast, and yet how slow, these past five years have gone by.

I say time has flown by and dragged at the same time because it has.

Almost every semester feels like it takes forever.

It seems to take forever to get to Christmas break and a new semester.

But it’s also gone by so fast.

We’re already quickly approaching finals. I blinked, and five years have gone by.

We only have about six weeks remaining in the semester.

The first day of my final year was just yesterday, I swear.

I remember my freshman year and having to adjust and become accustomed to how things are run, how students prepare for the next semester and what to do if the courses you need aren’t being offered.

If you have the space for extra classes in your schedule, that’s where declaring a minor comes in handy. You can focus on a study of your choice along with your major.

I have declared three minors: philosophy, fine arts and music and culture.

I have only one more class left to complete my music and culture minor.

Advising Day itself is going to be brief because there are only five classes left for me to take.

Making sure they are available is going to be the only issue, and if they aren’t available, then I have to find a class to substitute for it.

Advising Day hasn’t always been this simple.

I always make sure I’m prepared before I see my adviser, but it usually takes several hours of searching through the courses online and in the pamphlet to find what works.

Advising Day used to be so scary, daunting and tedious.

I’d have my academic evaluation printed and several loose sheets of papers with classes scribbled on them all over a table or my bed.

But over the years, and as each semester passes, scheduling has gotten easier and less stressful.


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