Last-minute Halloween costumes do not have to break the bank


Happy Halloween, but sadly goodbye to spooky season.
Although it has felt like Halloween for over a week now, the official day is finally here.
Halloween means free candy and dressing up.
However, it also adds the stress of possibly not having a costume.
If you’ve been there, you can relate, and if you’re currently there, keep reading.
You don’t have to spend pointless amounts of money to have an amazing costume.
Sometimes your perfect costume is hidden away in your closet.
A simple DIY (do-it-yourself) costume is a cowboy.
Simply grab a flannel, some jeans and a pair of boots.
You’ll be ready to rock that hoedown.
If you’re not feeling the classic cowboy look, other costumes that include a flannel could be a lumberjack or a scarecrow.
For the lumberjack, grab the flannel, some jeans and a beanie.
Maybe add a pair of suspenders if you have some hidden away in your closet.
As for the scarecrow, take the cowboy outfit, add a straw hat and a little bit of face paint and you’re ready to go.
One costume that may relate more to females would be an animal of some sort.
Not to support stereotypes, but most girls own at least one pair of animal ears in their closet.
Take those ears and an outfit of the same color, and you’ll be a cute animal for the evening.
An easy costume for sports lovers would be an athlete.
Just put on your favorite jersey and you’re ready to score.
Whether they’re horizontal or vertical, a striped shirt can go a long way when planning a Halloween costume.
This piece could play into a robber, referee or even a mime costume.
A smaller piece to include would be a mask for the robber, a whistle or a ball for the referee and face paint for the mime.
If you’re feeling a macho look, try a greaser or a superhero.
A greaser would just need a leather jacket and some slicked back hair.
As for the superhero, put on your favorite superhero shirt and you’re ready to save the day.
Something most people own in their closet is a simple white tee.
This staple piece can go very far on Halloween.
Fun costume ideas include a ghost, a Dalmatian, an identity thief, an ice cream sundae, a skeleton, a mummy, a zombie or even a bar of soap.
The possibilities are limitless.
A simple piece of clothing that most females own in their closets is a black or white dress.
With a black dress, just braid your hair and you have an easy Wednesday Addams look.
Just remember to capture her iconic straight face.
A white dress could easily be turned into a goddess or angel costume.
If you own a dress shirt, you could easily make three other costumes: a nerd, a frat boy or Tom Cruise from “Risky Business.”
For the nerd costume, add a pair of glasses and you’ll get an “A” for that costume.
A frat boy costume would just need a backward baseball cap, a red solo cup and a sign or undershirt with some fake fraternity letters.
An easy example would be Delta Psi Beta from the movie “Neighbors.”
As for the “Risky Business” look, channel your inner Tom Cruise by adding a pair of sunglasses, white tube socks and blasting some “Old Time Rock and Roll.”
If none of these work for your personality, check out Pinterest or Google for more fun ideas.


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