One Direction is still a beloved favorite band

This Friday on 90.5 WERG from 9 p.m. to midnight, Harlee and I are doing a three-hour show about One Direction for Radio Roulette, a specialty show on WERG.

As we started compiling our list of the songs we wanted to play and listening to their music on Monday, it brought back a lot of memories.

In high school, I was obsessed with One Direction. I remember babysitting my neighbor’s kids and teasing the daughter that if she couldn’t name all five of the boys — at the time, Zayn was still a member; how sad — then she wasn’t a true fan.

It’s crazy to think back on how much I dedicated my time to these five boys over several years.

I also remember how I wouldn’t really tell people at high school that I listened to One Direction because other kids would make fun of you for being a fangirl and that kind of stuff.

But now being in college, people don’t care. You can listen to whatever you want, and no one is going to judge you on your music preferences.

Harlee and I were playing One Direction and singing along, before we decided we wanted to do a Radio Roulette of One Direction music and didn’t care who heard us as they passed by.

But back in high school, if I was listening to their music, I’d turn down the volume or turn it off completely so no one else would hear what I was playing.

It’s so weird but interesting to recognize how the importance of some things change as we grow older.

We stop caring so much about what other people think because we’re going to do, like, listen, watch and be whatever we want to.

People’s opinions stop affecting what we do, say, think and feel.

They can think whatever they want about the music I listen to; I’m going to listen to it anyway.

When I first started talking about One Direction with Harlee and how we both grew up listening to them and being a Directioner, it was fun to reminisce about all things 1D related.

Although I love all five of the boys equally, Harry Styles is my favorite.

My favorite song off their first album, “Up All Night,” is definitely “Gotta Be You.”

“Little Things” is the song I love the most off their second album.

“Midnight Memories” is One Direction’s third album. My favorite song is “Best Song Ever.”

“Four” is the last album Zayn Malik was on and came out in 2014. Off that album, I can’t choose between “Fool’s Gold” and “Girl Almighty.”

I will always love “History” from their final album.


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