Pumpkinfest brings excitement to guests

Over fall break, I had the opportunity to spend some quality time with my family in Conneaut Lake.

While in Conneaut, my family and I got to visit the annual Conneaut Lake Fall Pumpkinfest.

This is something that I get to do every single year, and I look forward to the first break of the year as it is a time that I can unwind and see people that I may have not had the time to visit yet.

Conneaut Lake Park has always held a really special place in my heart for many reasons.

For one, my grandmother owns a house right off the water. From the time I was younger, my family would always spend some weekends at the house.

That little house has quickly become one of my favorite quiet sanctuaries away from my real life.

I also really enjoy getting to go to the event every year.

Pumpkinfest brings together artists and businesses from around Pennsylvania to sell their products during the three-day event.

Many fall activities take place during the event, such as pumpkin painting and haunted houses that families get to enjoy.

Throughout the years, I have noticed that most of the vendors who come to this event have been doing so for many years.

I feel as though this makes the whole thing feel kind of like a family.

You can tell that the people who come out for the weekend really care about each other.

This is true for the people that attend the event as guests as well.

I have come to learn that not many people know where the park is located, but the people who visit will go on to bring their families there for generations.

This makes Conneaut Lake Park feel much different than any other amusement park I have ever been to.

One of my favorite parts of the entire weekend is when my family gets to participate in the 13 Levels of Fear.

Conneaut Lake’s 13 Levels of Fear is an evening and nighttime event that takes place on weekends throughout the entire month of October.

After the park closes, actors come in and take part in 13 different scarehouses and attractions that guests walk through.

The whole attraction takes a few hours to get through, so it is a great activity to bring friends and family to during the Halloween season.

This year, the weather was particularly nasty when my family decided to go through the 13 Levels of Fear.

Even with that fact, I can still say that I had a really good time going through all of the different houses and getting my fair share of scares.

I am glad that the park is still working hard to get back on its feet after having so many rough years.

I hope that the park will continue to host Pumpkinfest for years to come so that I may also take my family there when the time comes.

For now, I will look forward to next year’s festivities that will take place throughout the park .

I will also be looking for more fall activities to take part in for the rest of this month.



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