Gannon student’s latest album shows mastery of multiple genres


Teddy Rankin, a junior English education major at Gannon University, is a local musician who just released his third full-length album, “Omitting the Middle.”
Although his previous albums have been more pop-oriented, “Omitting the Middle” proves Rankin can also master the folk genre.
The title track is five minutes of pure folk guitar playing and a few chants throughout the song.
I have never been a huge folk fan, but I did take a liking to this song.
As mentioned in a past article, “Omitting the Middle” tells the story about a past relationship.
While listening to the album, I started to pick up on this plot.
“This is What My Heartbeat Sounds Like” was an excellent example.
One of the lyrics that represented this idea most was, “Because even though we couldn’t make it through, my heart will always beat for you.”
I’m not kidding when I say this line may stick with me for a while.
This line captures the real life emotion of a breakup.
Although some relationships end badly and people swear they feel nothing for their ex, there is often still a bit of feeling left over about the past relationship.
I am a sucker for songs that exhibit real emotion.
When asked about the lyrics of this song, Rankin said, “‘This is What My Heartbeat Sounds Like’ is definitely one I never even wrote down.
“I just kind of recorded it as I was thinking it.”
I thought it was impressive that Rankin possesses a skill like that.
In “Some Things Will Never Happen,” Rankin thanks an ex -lover for breaking his heart.
The lyric that stuck out most to me was, “I couldn’t write these songs of heartbreak that millions relate to if you never broke my heart.”
This is a lyric that I feel instantly connects Rankin to other artists who write about heartbreak and relationships.
A very unique sound on Rankin’s album is “Living Room.”
The song features Rankin’s father, Glenn Rankin.
It is a minute-long song that features some guitar playing and a conversation between Rankin and his father.
I thought this was different and a fun little snippet he provided.
My favorite song on the entire album was “Muse.”
If it wasn’t already obvious, I am a hopeless romantic and love love songs.
My favorite lyric is, “I’m just looking for someone I can write my love songs about.”
The song as a whole is Rankin expressing how he wants to find someone to be his new muse.
Overall, I believe Rankin is a unique talent.
He puts his all into his music and isn’t afraid to show it to the world.
It is brave of him to release his music while still in school.
Personally, I would be afraid to hear the critics and opinions of others.
Be sure to keep an eye on Teddy Rankin.
You never know but one day you could refer to him as that guy you attended college with, who is now famous.
“Omitting the Middle” is now available on Spotify, Bandcamp and Apple Music.
For more about Teddy Rankin, you can follow him on his various social media platforms:
Twitter: @reddy_tankin
Instagram: @reddy_tankin
Facebook: @teddyrankinmusic
Spotify: Teddy Rankin

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