Knocked Loose rocks Basement Transmissions


Currently on tour with Beartooth, Knocked Loose spent an off-day playing a show at Basement Transmissions in Erie on Thurday.
Playing the final Warped Tour over the summer, the band has yet to take a real break from touring – though from the energy they had on stage, one would never be able to tell.
The five-piece group has recently gained momentum, making a name for themselves within the metal scene upon the release of their first studio album, “Laugh Tracks.”
Falling under metalcore or hardcore punk, the Oldham County, Ky., band drew a larger than typical crowd at Basement Transmissions.
Opening for Knocked Loose was SHIVER, Facewreck, Eternal Sleep, and Homewrecker, all metal bands from Pennsylvania, Ohio and Maine.
As it drew closer to Knocked Loose’s set, the crowd grew larger as did the moshpit.
As always, Knocked Loose performed well and has a genuine, raw talent for playing music.
The group sounds very similar live as they do recorded.
Their setlist consisted of tracks off “Laugh Tracks” and their EP “Pop Culture.”
The small venue allowed for an up-close and personal experience for the crowd, being right up against the stage and within reach of the band.
Crowd surfers, stage divers and moshers all felt right at home, with an infamously heavy sound Knocked Loose is loved for.
Everyone who knew the lyrics sang them back, especially in songs like “Billy No Mates” and “All My Friends.”
Singer Bryan Garris often pointed the microphone at fans close to him or crowdsurfing next to him.
No one in the room was still during their performance.
As expected, the crowd got especially rowdy for Knocked Loose’s most popular song “Counting Worms,” which is best known for Garris’ bark and the memes that pursued.
The band also debuted a new unrelease dsingle, “By The Grave,” which can only mean a new album is brewing.
Unlike many other bands that get lighter over time, “By The Grave” hints at a solid, heavy upcoming record.
The performance overall was exciting and called for nothing less than disorder from its fans.
The group is very down to earth, the merch was cheap and the overall vibe was great.
In an ever-growing scene of music, all types of people come to shows like this as a safe place and as a release.
Knocked Loose, like many other rock bands, has a reputation for offering a diverse, fun-loving and accepting fan base all gathered for their love of music.
This show and the crowd it drew were no exception.

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