Latest Kevin Hart comedy proves critics get it wrong


Kevin Hart’s latest comedy “Night School” has earned a 5.6/10 on IMDB and a 30 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, two scores that I could not disagree with more.
“Night School,” starring Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish, is a hilarious entry into both of their filmographies that holds its own against other comedies that have come out in recent years.
“Night School” follows Teddy (Hart) as he goes back to his old high school to get his GED so he can impress his highly successful girlfriend Lisa (Megalyn Echikunwoke).
At night school, Walker meets his teacher, Carrie (Haddish), who is rough on him and the rest of the class.
Over the course of the movie, Carrie comes to find that Teddy has what he calls “learning herpes.”
In reality, it is revealed that Teddy has a multitude of learning disorders.
After this revelation, Carrie and Teddy work together to find a way that will he will learn best.
Hart and Haddish share the screen expertly.
The two play off each other insanely well, and lead to some of the funniest sequences of the movie.
In my mind, I really want to think that most of their scenes were improvised, because I have absolutely no idea how anyone could write such hilarious spontaneous-sounding dialogue.
Hart brings his typical high energy performances to “Night School,” an element he brings to just about all of his movies at this point.
While some people may be getting tired of this, I certainly could watch Kevin Hart freak out for years to come.
The supporting cast of “Night School” is really fantastic too, specifically Rob Riggle as one of Teddy’s classmates.
I may be pretty biased here, but Riggle is one of my favorite comedic actors.
Everything he touches is comedic gold.
The rest of the night school class bring their own unique flair to the group, but none as pronounced or funny as Riggle.
If I have one complaint with “Night School” it would have to be its pacing.
The entire movie speeds through its plot. The few moments it takes to slow down and let the audience catch up only last for what seems like a snap of the fingers.
While this is a small nitpick, I would gladly take the breakneck pacing of “Night School” over the pacing of other comedy movies of the past couple of years, where the first half of the movie is really funny, and the second half slows down to a snail’s pace to catch up on all the romantic plot threads that were introduced in the first half.
“Night School” had my entire theater in tears from laughing so hard throughout its runtime.
I have absolutely no idea what the critics are talking about giving it such a low score.
I loved it.
Everyone in my theater loved it. I think everyone should love it.I highly recommend seeing “Night School” as soon as possible.
I think “Night School” is an excellent example of why you really need to see movies for yourself, and not be so concerned about what the internet says about them. You just might be surprised.


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