Theatre to host ‘Trojan Women’

Scottino Hall is home to the Schuster Theatre, where many breathtaking performances have taken place in the past.
Coming up on Sept. 27, there is another production that is sure to give the audience a ride.
Ellen McLaughlin’s adaptation of the famous play “The Trojan Women” is coming to the Schuster Theatre.
This adaptation was written by Mclaughlin and refugees from the Bosnian War.
The show will be directed by Alaina M. Manchester, who has directed many shows including “Altar Boyz” and “Melancholy Play” here at Gannon.
The 90-minute play touches on the lives of the newly-widowed women of Troy after their defeat at the hands of the Greeks in 415 B.C. They wait for their Greek conquerors to claim them as slaves.
Most of the story is centered on one character, Cassandra, who can tell the future and fights to find reasons to live throughout all of the different troubles she encounters along her journey. Some changes are made in McLaughlin’s adaptation, most notably the change of scenery.
In the original story by Euripides, the story mostly takes place on a beach whereas this adaptation takes place in a holding cell.
For the most part, most people who have seen the show before have had positive reviews of it. Many people say that it has an “unrelenting” grip on history, being one of the oldest anti-war stories.
When some people hear the words “Greek Tragedy,” they already get turned off.
Just the mere idea of going to see one haunts people to sleep. Do not let that deter you from going to see this performance.
Manchester, an assistant professor in Gannon’s School of Communication and the Arts, always puts on great performances and this one is sure to be another one.
This production dives deep into the history of the Trojans and what war was really like.
It shows things that most history classes would not normally cover, and that is already worth gold.
As stated before, the Schuster Theatre has held many great productions and many people have enjoyed their time at the performances.
It will be very cool to see history unfold right before your eyes as you watch the actors transform into different characters.
This is sure to be a captivating take on the lives of these ancient Trojan Women and their struggles in war-torn Troy.
The show typically runs through about 90 minutes and you will come out of the theatre with a positive experience.
The production will open on Sept. 27, 2018 at 8 p.m. Additional showings are set for 8 p.m., Sept. 28-29, Oct. 4-6 and 2 p.m. on Oct. 7.
Do not miss out on the opportunity to see a great performance directed by one of Gannon’s very own!

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