Editor tries to maintain Snapchat streaks with friends

s of Oct. 11, 2016, the current officiworld record for the longest Snapchat streak is 798 days.

While we were starting to prepare for our production night of the newspaper, Harlee Boehm and I were talking about keeping Snapchat streaks.

“My streak with my fiancé is about to end,” she said. “I’ve got to snap him to save it.”

Then, she realized he has to snap back in order for the streak to survive.

It’s kind of funny how something so minor and so trivial as a streak on a social media app can be something we spend so much time focusing on.

I had a streak going with my sister, and we were going strong, somewhere around 300 days. Late the night before, I had sent her a snap to keep the streak. She had replied but I didn’t have internet access for over 24 hours. The next time I was able to go on Snapchat, the streak was gone.

I was furious.

We were only a few months from hitting one year of solidly snapping each other back and forth every day. And that was after my sister convinced me to get one.

Originally, I didn’t get the point of why everyone had a Snapchat, especially when people don’t even use it to take pictures of themselves (a.k.a. me).

But once I made a Snapchat, it was all right for the first week or so. Now, I’m hooked and if I’m back home and don’t have internet access and my story is empty because it’s been more than 24 hours since I added to it, I feel compelled to post something as soon as possible.

Most people that I have on my Snapchat probably don’t care about 99 percent of what I post, but I still post anyway.

I currently have four Snapchat streaks: 33 days, 64 days, 72 days and 144 days. I only have four streaks because I don’t have that many friends.

I also use Snapchat more for messaging people because it works faster than sending a text message. The only drawback is that I sometimes forget to save the messages if I know I’ll want to have them available later.

One thing I find weird about Snapchat is that some of the conversation history remains whether you save it or not. Then, at other times, the message disappears before I get a reply. Once I get a reply, I have already forgotten what I sent to begin with.

The limit for Snapchat streaks is 90 years, so you can literally have a streak going your entire life with someone.

What blows my mind more is that something I use to ignore and not care about has become a constant part of my daily life.

Now I’m going to go update my story.


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