Writer reflects on top summer albums

Welcome back, Gannon University. I hope that your summer was as spectacular as mine was, specifically with the great music that came out.
I don’t ever have enough space to write, so without further ado here is my Top 10 records list from the summer of 2018.

1.) Haru Nemuri – “Harutosyura”
This album came as a shock to me because in Apple Music it is listed as “J-Pop.” But, this album is much more than that. It combines punk, post-hardcore, hip-hop and synth punk to form a very intense yet sophisticated j-rock record and it deserves my No. 1 spot, hands down.

2.) SOPHIE – “Oil Of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides”
Flashback to last summer, while listening to Vince Staples’ most recent project, I used to think, this production is incredibly noisy and bouncy. Fast forward to the start of this summer and here is the same producer. This is one heavy, noisy and intensely electronic album.

3.) Choker – “Honey Bloom”
I have always had a tough time getting into trap music. It just doesn’t seem to resonate with me. However, this experimental (almost post-trap) rap record really opened the gates for me. Take a try if you want some experimental hip-hop with trap flares.

4.) Zeal and Ardor – “Stranger Fruit”
Metal music has been one of those genres that I have listened to since early middle school. This metal band is trying to push the envelope by taking black metal and 1800s slave/soul music and fusing them into an expansive and intense listen. One of the better avant-garde metal outfits right now.

5.) Leon Vynehall – “Nothing is Still”
Leon is one of the very atmospheric electronic producers that is trying to push post-modern classical music into his creations. This album is a beautiful yet psychedelic blend of these genres, so definitely give this record a try.
6.) Ben Howard – “Noonday Dream”
Anyone that has been reading my reviews for some time now knows how much I love folk music, especially indie/experimental folk. This is just a sweet and light indie folk record that keeps me coming back for more.
7.) Deafheaven – “Ordinary Corrupt Human Love”
Another black metal outfit that has been blending shoegaze with black metal since 2010. They are one of the pioneers of blackgaze and this album is just another addition to their perfect discography

8.) Vein – “Errorzone”
Intense, over-the-top and fast-paced mathcore, metalcore and hardcore record from the Boston natives.

9.) Kamasi Washington – “Heaven and Earth”
Kamasi Washington has been doing a lot in the last year with his recent EP at the end of last fall. More great, bombastic and energetic jazz music from the L.A. composer.

10.) Kids See Ghosts – “Kids See Ghosts”
Lastly, we have the Kanye West and Kid Cudi project, Kids See Ghosts. It’s a short, seven-track album that really sees Kanye West and Kid Cudi at their best in years.

Honorable Mentions
What is a list without some honored mentions?
First is the new Father John Misty’s album, “God’s Favorite Customer”; Snail Mail’s album, “Lush”; Between the Buried and Me’s album, “Automata II”; and Denzel Curry’s album, “TA13OO.” All great listens from various genres.

Happy Listening, Gannon University!

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