Best experiences come from taking a chance


It is hard to believe that we are to the end of yet another school year.
And looking forward, it is difficult to comprehend that in eight months, I’ll be preparing to graduate from Gannon.
One of the best decisions I have made this year was joining the editorial board of The Knight, and I am sad to see my time with our wonderful staff ending.
I started as a staff writer with The Knight during my freshman year when a random girl on the fifth floor of North Hall asked if I’d be interested in writing.
Cue A&L editor Olivia Burger, who later became my sophomore roommate and has since become one of my best friends.
When Olivia first approached me, I could have admitted my fears and turned down the opportunity.
I had never considered myself a writer before this time, and I had never imagined I would work for a student paper. I did not even understand the basics of journalistic writing, but I took a chance and said yes anyway.
Within a few weeks, there I was, attending Schuster Theatre productions and writing reviews of the shows.
I think I may have been a walking definition of the phrase “fake it ‘till you make it.”
During my sophomore year, I continued my role with The Knight, and I pushed myself even further outside my comfort zone and began writing for sections like features and news.
Over time, I became more comfortable with skills I needed to be a student journalist, characteristics I never saw myself possessing.
At the end of that school year, I decided to take a chance and apply for the copy editor position for our staff, and surprisingly, I received the job.
Once the excitement wore off, I realized I had no idea if I actually knew how to be a copy editor.
I didn’t fully understand AP style — does anyone other than our adviser Frank Garland? — and I had absolutely no idea how to use the software we used to lay out the paper.
On the first Tuesday night of the semester, I felt completely overwhelmed, but everyone was there to help, and once again, I surprised myself by learning skills I had no idea I would ever need to possess.
This past year has been a continued learning curve. I’ve learned how to use a recording device — yes, journalists still use those — and a decent camera. I’ve interviewed administrators including the university president. I’ve proposed stories, I’ve worked under deadlines and I even went to a conference at the New York Times headquarters.
It’s incredible that sometimes all we need is a little bit of faith in ourselves and a crazy idea to take a chance to do something that scares us.
I don’t know what these next few years will hold for me, but I know that the skills I have gained from The Knight will transfer to whatever I choose to do. I’m so thankful that I have had the chance to grow alongside an amazing group of my peers.
Take full advantage of your time at Gannon, and remember, college is full of opportunities to learn outside of the classroom. Don’t be afraid to say “yes,” even if it scares you a little bit.
Thanks for everything, TGK staff. I love you all more than AP formatted words can express.
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