Editor thankful for support


Brittiny Lene'

You never know when the realization of a significant moment is going to hit you because it rarely ever happens during the actual significant moment.
I didn’t get that sentimental about my last high school volleyball match until months later when I was at a different sporting event and I heard the national anthem play.
Graduation from high school didn’t completely set in until I went back for one of my sister’s school events and I went to see my locker, which was actually no longer my locker.
This past weekend as I admired the city view from a fancy 12th floor apartment that I was viewing, it hit me. As cliché as it is, it’s true.
Seeing the Philadelphia skyline from an apartment that I may or may not be living in for the next year or more made me realize that this is actually happening — I’m actually moving six hours away and my time at Gannon is really ending.
Waves of uncertainty about this next chapter of my life hit me from time to time, but I know everything will work itself out because this sense of nervousness is familiar.
Although I hid it well, I was very insecure when I first started classes here at Gannon. I doubted my choice to come to this university, my selection in major and my overall feeling of self.
In time I came to find myself on this campus, but that didn’t happen without many meltdowns and stress sessions along the way.
I am here today because of many, many people who have blessed me with their friendship, support and love.
I would be a fraction of myself without the influence and friendship of my roommate and best friend, Brooke Battin.
Through every breakdown about exams, ex-boyfriends and embarrassing moments, she has been the only person to consistently care for me throughout this journey called college and I can’t thank her enough for being the definition of a best friend.
Another thank you needs to be extended to the friends I gained through my time on The Knight staff. I need to commend Kelsey, Sam, Harlee, Kate, Kyle, Brandon, and yes, even Frank, for putting up with my constant Vine references, finsta drama and sassy attitude every Tuesday night for the past three years. Tuesdays will never be the same without you all.
A special thank you is extended to both sets of my grandparents for helping me with everything from buying textbooks to sending me home with leftovers. Your constant support and unconditional love have helped me through many tough weeks and I hope to make you all proud.
No proclamation of gratitude will ever be able to cover what needs to be said to my amazing parents.
My parents have sacrificed so much in order for my sister and me to pursue the careers we want and attend the colleges of our choosing. They have given me anything I ever needed or wanted in order to succeed at this university and in this life.
When I was sobbing in the bathroom after my first failed exam, my dad called me and calmed me down, telling me everything would be OK.
When I was working myself into an unhealthy state of stress during finals week, my mom had flowers sent to my dorm to remind me that everything would be OK.
Mom and dad: thank you for always making everything OK. You have taught me what it means to be selfless and caring, and I hope one day to be able to pay you back for everything you have ever done for me.
I would not have been able to succeed at Gannon without the wonderful support system that has gotten me here and I can’t thank everyone enough for making this possible.

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