Artist Spotlight Series: Skizzy Mars

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Growing up in Harlem, N.Y., Myles Mills always wanted to be a host on ESPN’s “SportsCenter” or wanted to be an agent for a professional athlete.
It took just 10 weeks of college, a couple of songs and a publishing deal to change the career choice of a now rapper who chose the moniker Skizzy Mars.
Mills’ parents — his father is a therapist and mother is an operator of two day care centers in Manhattan — were overly supportive of his decision to become a rapper.
In his freshman year of college, Skizzy Mars released his first song on the internet called “Douchebag” and it immediately gained attention on several blogs, which left an audience wanting more.
Skizzy released his second song, “Profound,” and after several descriptive emails, got posted once again and started his growing process.
Citing a wide range of musical inspirations from Good Charlotte to Kanye West, Skizzy’s nontraditional hip-hop is catching on.
With comparisons to an early Drake or Wiz Khalifa, Skizzy’s growing room is enormous.
Having already worked with artists like G-Eazy, Logic, Cam Meekins, Marc E. Bassy and Hoodie Allen, Skizzy has a lot of reputation already built.
Skizzy was as consistent as anyone in the game early on, releasing at least one project a year from 2012 to 2015.
Those projects included the “American Psycho EP” and two mixtapes titled “Phases” and “Pace.”
In 2015, Mars dropped his first major EP, “The Red Balloon Project,” which peaked at No. 35 on the Billboard 200 list. The project featured G-Eazy, Marc E. Bassy and Olivver the Kid.
In 2016, Skizzy kept up his consistency with his debut studio album, “Alone Together.”
Part of Skizzy Mars’ success has been attributed to him being open and raw with his emotions – something this album definitely didn’t lack with tracks like “Girl on a Train” and “Comb.” “Alone Together” peaked at No. 50.
A two-year hiatus from Skizzy came to an end with the announcement of his next album, “I’m Not OK,” by way of a mini-documentary and an EP titled, “Are you OK?” “Skizzy Season” is approaching for the summer once again and you’ll have one more chance to “ride the wave ‘til it crash.”
My Top 5 Skizzy Mars Songs:
1. “Numb”
2. “Alcoholics”
3. “Do You There feat. Marc E. Bassy”
4. “Sometimes”
5. “15”

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