Take time to immerse yourself in different passions


Every once in a while, you need to step out of your comfort zone to welcome new experiences into your life.
This semester, I have had the opportunity to take an introduction to visual arts course.
Before this class began, I was unsure of how interested I would be in the content that would be presented to me.
Now, a few months into the course, I am realizing just how interesting visual arts can be.
Within the class, we are required to complete a final project.
This project includes photos that we will take ourselves, as well as analyze our work.
Had I been given this project years ago, I would have absolutely loved it. I used to be much more into photography in high school, as it was the prime time of the hipster Instagram posts.
A younger, less frazzled version of myself would have loved any excuse to go outside and take pictures for hours using a terrible cell phone camera.
Receiving the assignment now, I felt stressed and worried about how I would do.
I felt as though I was too busy to spend time on photography.
I could not imagine myself wanting to take the time out of my day to stop and really look around to see what I could possibly take a photo of that could interest other people.
Until I began really thinking about this project, I was convinced that I would not be able to take any photos that would be engaging enough to analyze.
After putting the project off for a while, I finally accepted the fact that I would need to ask for some help.
Anyone who knows me would know that I do not like to ask for help, even if I really need it.
This time, though, I decided it was neccessary and I would ask Brittiny Lene’, the Knight’s photo editor, for her expertise on the subject.
She is one of the most passionate people on campus I know when it comes to photography, so I felt that she was my best option.
She was, of course, more than happy to help me.
As we walked down AJ’s Way, she showed me how to set up shots and create captivating images with just my phone’s camera.
It was the first time in as long as I could remember that I really allowed myself to let go of the stress around me and just focus on what was in front of me.
I was able to get a few good shots for my project, but I got a lot more out of the whole experience.
I learned that it is OK to take a moment to slow down and really appreciate the world around us.
Even though taking these photos was for an assignment, I have a new passion for the art and the hard work that goes into images we see every day.
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