Respectful, peaceful protests will always work best


The students of Gannon University are fired up this week over the recent personnel cuts made during the restructuring process by administration.
There seems to be a feeling of sadness within classrooms and around campus as staff members cherished by the students packed up belongings from offices and closed their doors on their employment at the university.
The departure of one Gannon employee in particular has left the campus feeling empty and students feeling disappointed with the recent administrative choices. John Coleman was a face that nearly every Gannon student was familiar with due to his constant presence on campus.
Students have so many opinions and feelings about this incident that a petition was even created to rehire Coleman. On such a small campus, I think this kind of action is extremely important.
Seeing all the names fill up the petition has made me proud of the students who have taken part. I am proud to see that the student body is using their voice for something that many people are passionate about.
I think it is important for students to understand how to appropriately allow their voices and opinions to be heard.
I believe that this petition is an example of how to appropriately get your point across and your voices heard while still having respect for the university.
I was able to be part of a similar movement when I was in high school.
During my sophomore year, the students at my high school decided to stand up against an increase in price and drop in quality of our school lunches.
The students respectfully protested these changes by bring their own lunches in brown paper bags. This peaceful protest made the news multiple times during the duration of the protest.
Students were proud of the attention the protest had gotten.
Although the protest came to an end without any real changes being made, I still think the students were successful in a way.
They made sure their opinions were taken into consideration. They also made it clear that they were serious about their voices being heard.
They successfully ran a peaceful protest that did not result in any outbreaks or negativity.
I think that Gannon students will also be successful in a similar way.
Although I am not sure how much of a change will come about as a result of the petition, I am proud of how the students are handling the situation at hand.
The petition, in my opinion, was the best way to deal with the news of the restructuring. It has remained respectful and peaceful, while still allowing students to show their concern.
I am hoping that the petition will allow the administration to see how much the students care and want to be heard.

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