Gannon’s new volunteer build


A new project is underway at Gannon at 457 W. Fourth St.
You might have already heard about the St. Joseph House of Faith in Action.
The premise behind the home is to use it for volunteering and connecting in the community, and it can also be used for retreats as well.
The Center for Social Concerns is at the helm of this project and is looking for volunteers to help with the construction of this home.
We think it’s a great opportunity for the Gannon community to participate in the building of this project.
They will be able to see the hard work that goes into the construction of a home and they will also be able to use the home for various activities after it is done.
According to a release from Joeseph Mokwa ‘17, the mission of the St. Joseph House is to “humbly serve neighbors in the spirit of St. Joseph the Worker through purposeful programs and actions based on four pillars: service, simplicity, community and reflection.”
The project aligns with the third goal of Gannon’s strategic plan, which is public impact.
The house will provide a fresh facade on Fourth Street and will be a home that benefits the Gannon and Erie communities.
The building began on Feb. 6 and continues on Tuesdays and Fridays with shifts at 8 a.m. – noon and 1 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Students can sign up individually or as a group on
All students need is an approval from a supervisor and they can grab their hammers, nails and glue guns and get ready to build.
We hope students take adavantage of this opporunity not only to help out, but to possibly learn some new skills.
You never know when it might help you out in life.